Monday, November 10, 2008

Some scenes from Haleiwa

Sorry Big Al, more beach pictures coming your way! Try not to throw up : )

a new rash guard to protect my poor child who was blessed with my skin.

Bikini-mama--guess what??? She tans! Yet another way she's like her grandma Hi-daho.

She also eats sand...lots of it.

Ezra floating in his turtle ring. He actually catches a few waves in that thing.

My boys.

Off to the water--it's awfully hard to pull him outta there!

Lots of sea turtles in the water and on shore around here.

We eat most meals out on the picnic tables by the ocean. This supper was made complete with fresh sweet corn we bought at a Saturday market just across the street from Pipeline.

6:30 AM--we get to the beach before the sun most mornings. Sandy pj's--only in Hawaii!

Sun. sand. waves. heat. warm breezes teasing your hair. foam from hard waves receding back into the ocean. the scent of salt in the air. children laughing in the ocean. surfers everywhere. sunscreen. sunburns. giggling. the air heavy with the scent of plumeria. bright flowers. These are all words I have in my vocabulary. The words to describe how I feel about all these not exist.


Megan Miller said...

I refreshed my page and my wish was granted. I know those tables! Oh boy, I wish...I want...

Adkins Family said...

Looks so nice and relaxing. Enjoy every moment!

Anonymous said...

Oh it's thrilling to see you 4 having such a great family vacation! I'm not sure how you could improve on that. Hawaii is the best. Enjoy to the full, Love, Gpa Gma Idaho.

NaomiG said...

Oh wow that's pretty!

What is it with kids, and eating sand? Debris does it shamelessly and proudly! I cringe when I hear that crunch crunch, and she just grins, and eats another mouthful.

I love your last paragraph, poetically written! :-)

The Chatty Housewife said...

It looks like you are all having a wonderful holiday, what a cool experience for E to be so close to a sea turtle in the wild.