Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a Monday!

And what I mean by that is so much more : ) These kids have it in them today. We've had the vacuum cleaner out twice already and now I can't see the carpet for all the puzzle pieces. However--this is so much better than had I jumped out of bed at 5, dressed two groggy kiddos, taken them to daycare and rushed off to work. Ahhhh, praise the Lord I get to complain about spending time with my overactive toddlers!
Last Friday we headed to Gig Harbor for Mommy Group. These women know how to uplift and support one another. Being fellow believers and mommies together is such a wonderful feeling. And they also know how to have fun! Nothing is run of the mill when you put 8 women and 21 kids all 7 years and under in one house.

Sharing coffee, tea, muffins and good conversation.

The glowing hostess for this week's meeting.

Four more babies will soon join the other 23 children already enjoying Mommy Group play time.

Ezra had a blast playing with his mommy group friends.

Sometimes we even enjoy a quiet moment in the middle of mass chaos.

Back at home, Caroline is becoming a much better eater since she's recently been weaned.
More oatmeal please!
Uncle Jake and Aunt Emily stopped by on their way to Dad and Mom's Saturday night. Uncle Jakey-pooh was quickly saddled up to be Ezra's horsey.

Having so much fun.

Jacob decided to take a ride of his own.

Don't forget about me, guys!

Today (if I can ever get packed up and ready to go) the kids and I will head to the Harbor to spend time with Uncle Jake and Aunt Emily and the others. Jake and Em have to head home on Thanksgiving day, so we want to see a little of them now. Daddy will join us when he's done working on Wednesday. So, off we go to Grandpa Tractor's! We'll try to post about the fun from there. But just in case we forget--Happy Thanksgiving!

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