Thursday, November 13, 2008

High and Dry--Flood Update

Hi All. A sincere thank you for all the prayers offered up on our behalf with the flooding issue this past week. We arrived home from Hawaii at 1:30 this morning. My mom picked us up at the airport and we planned to spend the night at their house since our neighborhood was evacuated last evening. However, by the time our plane landed the waters were receding. So, we headed for home and were able to drive right up to the driveway (after going around a barricade). Our house and the houses around us stayed dry. Praise the Lord! Thanks to our neighbor for moving Tadd's pick up to high ground and watching out for us in general. And to all the folks who called and offered us a place to stay. AND to all of you prayer warriors. The Lord has brought us through the rains yet again. His mercies fail not!
I'll finish up with Hawaii sometime later. This morning Ezra said "momma, I want to go back to Hawaii. Let's do it again!" However, they are both happy to be back in their own familiar surroundings playing with their toys.

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