Friday, November 28, 2008


So much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving day. First and foremost we are thankful for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All the blessings we enjoy here on earth are given by Him. Below are some of the many folks we are thankful for. And waaaaay down south, in California there is a group of folks gathered together at U-Nate and A-Megan's house who we are thankful for. Hope you all are having lots of fun!

Starting Thanksgiving right. Pjs, rainboots and a raincoat out in the backyard after a breakfast of huckleberry waffles made by grandpa. We all slept in here at the house and enjoyed a leisurely morning while daddy and all the uncles went off to play football. Uncle Heffay should have stayed home and relaxed with us, he suffered a separated shoulder--ouch! It should be healed soon, because Ezra offered up a very heartfelt prayer on his behalf this morning. There is nothing like the faith of a child!

Gobble Gobble. This was the turkey pinata I attemped to copy from the Alpha Mom site. This is where all you tech-savvy bloggers would have a hyper link or some other such fancy-shmanciness. I'm a little simple minded in that way, so, no link. Plus, without the link, those of you who haven't seen it already will have no idea how gorgeous and professional SAJ's turkey looked. The comparison to ours is quite sad. But, Ezra, Emily and I sure had fun making this little guy! We were very thankful for Aunt Emily during the process.

Feeling the effects of Thanksgiving dinner at Great-Grandma Kilcup's house.

Real silver means washing alllllll the pieces by hand. Ugh. The memory of this scrumdidilicious (Tadd created word) meal lingers still in my mind and on my hips.

Denise and Shelly--cousins and friends.

Caroline cuddled right up to Uncle Mikey for after turkey reading.

We took the opportunity of togetherness to get a family shot.

Tadd and I were the only ones to get the funny-face memo.

The only ones still living in the Harbor.

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The Chatty Housewife said...

Actually I think your turkey looks great! I saw the original and I still think that. :) I can remember my first paper maché pinata and I'm pretty sure it was a pig. Just a round baloon with 1/2 a toilet paper tube nose. No head. Yup... genius.