Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Eight Year Old Young Lady

Today my sweet Caroline Avy became an eight year old.  The unfortunate thing about her being born so soon after her big brother is that her growing up seems to creep up on us unaware.  It's just Bang! and she's another year older.  Caroline is so easy going in so many ways.  Not having her party all organized far in advance was fine with her.  Which seems to be a funny juxtaposition with her attention to detail and love for planning.  I suppose she's often too busy enjoying the here and now to worry too much about the future.  I should learn from her!

She still loves to read and write.  We find journals full of letters and poems and daily recordings.  She will surprise us with letters on our pillows or love notes on the kitchen counter.  A text to her daddy in the middle of the day sent from Mommy's phone.
 She needs her alone time most days.  She might disappear into her room for an hour or three while the other kids are out playing with friends.  It doesn't mean she's sad or upset.  It's just her processing time.  She has bits and pieces of the two beautiful women she was named for--thoughtfulness towards other and infectious laughter.  A fabulous sense of humor.  She uses sarcasm in all the right places.

 She is not afraid or embarrassed to show affection towards her loved ones. 
She made a beautiful junior  bridesmaid in her Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kait-Kait's wedding two weeks ago!
 There are little hints here and there that she is entering the frightening cocoon of pre-adolesence.  I feel that she's already started sprouting her wings just a bit.  She cares more for grown up things and less for childish a little more each day.  But she is still our little girl.  And she'd better believe that she always will be!
 Our love for you is overwhelming, Carks!  Thank you for being you.  We thank the Lord every day that He saw fit to bless us with a Caroline Avy in the middle of that night so long ago. 


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Happy Birthday my darling Caroline Avy!!! I love you! And, Mom, I caught that reference to her namesakes...loved it!!

kdk said...

Miss Caroline looks lovely in that dress. :-)