Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beach Livin'

For a while this summer I started feeling like I lived in southern California.  We were keeping towels and sand toys in the back of the car full time and heading off to various beaches to hang out in the sunshine and take a swim.  The beach has taken a bit of a backseat lately because of swimming lessons and basketball camp.  It felt weird to stop beachin' it even while we had a streak of 90 degree days.  I'm sure we'll go back to our old beach ways soon.  It's time to practice all we learned in swimming lessons out in the real world!
 Sometimes we head out just for a bit of the afternoon.  Other times we find a spot in the sand and park it with friends for a good long while--having lunch and taking in the sites.
 One Friday night we packed up a quick dinner of snacks--chips and bean dip, cut up watermelon and carrots.  Then we rounded it out with a giant bag of kettle corn and fresh cherries from the farmer's market going on in the parking lot.  I know, I know--I should really be a health food blogger.  Seriously--I could change lives with that diet.  Just maybe not the kind of change folks would like.  This is what Tadd thinks about junk food!

 On that particular evening, Andrew and Wendy met us at the water just as the sun was getting mellow and all the other revelers were going home.  The farmer's market was packed up along with the high school bands and solo acts who perform on Friday evenings.  The life guards were not yet on duty for the year.  It was all perfect for our family to try our first paddle boarding experience.  Andrew and Wendy are so generous with their gear and their time.  Not to mention quite kind to our children.  Having Wendy around this past year has been such a joy.  We're pretty glad Andrew married her!
 I really love the above photo of daddy and son.

 The lighting is deceiving--this was almost 9 o'clock at night, but we were quite close to the summer solstice so it almost looks like mid-afternoon.
 I even got to go out for a solo paddle or two.  It's so relaxing (except that part where my legs are shaking from trying to balance) and peaceful.  Especially when we're paddling around in the calm swimming area with no waves or tides to bother us : ) 
 Wendy is not afraid of the water and had no problem tipping herself and the girls in for a swim.  She might have attacked her husband and knocked him off his board a time or two as well.
 Henry took quite a bit of coaxing.  He wasn't up for much more than floating right near shore.

 That was a fun evening and I know the older kids will store it in their memories for always.

 Living it up at the beach and the pool--Seattle is the new California, I tell ya.
And now we must be off for a while.  I've gotta go to Minnesota to get myself my newest sister! 
 This guy here--the one who was 8 when I went away to college and 10 when I got married--the one who was a 14 year old uncle for the first time--that guy--he's getting married!  Let's put this in perspective.  In that above picture he's less than a year older than Ezra is now.  Whoa.  And he's getting married.  

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Love these! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the latest Mr. and Mrs. K soon! :)