Sunday, July 12, 2015

Last Days With These Two

This post is something I could get very emotional about.  But I'll try my best not to.  In 53 days my darling little Nora will be leaving me for half of each day to go to kindergarten.  What?????  I'm not sure how it happened.  But happen it did.  And she has the audacity to be excited about it! 
With two or so weeks left to go in the school year it suddenly hit me that these were my last days to be home with just Nora and Henry all day.  It made me so sad.  Such a silly thing to be sad about.  No one is off to college or getting married yet.  But it just seems like such a pre-pre-precurser to the end.  Ya know?  So we took one last long bike ride on our local trail with just the three of us, stopping for a picnic lunch and playtime at the park along the way.
 My little Nora is alllll spice.  She's such a mix of girly and athlete.  She has been planning her sixth birthday party since the day after she turned five.  She vacillates between and "Ana and Elsa" theme and a Seahawks theme. 
 She is Queen of the bars and would play on them for hours if allowed to.

 Henry is not one to shy away from adventure, himself.  He loves any time I give him playing at the park. 

 My two Littles have matching messy hair most of the time.  I'm not sure how to deal with either of their locks.  They cannnnnnnnot be tamed.  Much like their personalities. 

 After the picnic at the park Nora rode a couple more miles. 

 Then she decided to join Henry in the trailer.  This means more work for me--but it also means that I can go at a more consistent pace.  I always try to carry a bungee cord in the back of my trailer so that I can strap Nora's bike to the back if needed.  I know I've said it before many times--but I LOVE my Burley trailer.  It was worth every penny of its used price from Craigslist.  I also love my bike--check out that cushy big seat with all those shocks.  It's a "mommy bike" for sure.
 Henry is so much happier when he has company in the trailer.  He was lights out in no time at all.
 Be.  Still.  My.  Heart.  He longs to hold hands with anyone he loves.  May he always be so loving.  Seriously.  I have to stop now before I start bawling and ruin my night's rest!
 She stayed in the trailer with him while I loaded in the bikes and picnic remains and saved transferring him to the car for last.  Miraculously this particular day he kept sleeping as I transferred him to the car and again when I carried him up to his bed.  I guess all that  park time really got to him.
I am going to miss Nora so much next year.  She is such a wonderful companion to have around.  When she's happy, she's really happy.  And she is a great conversationalist.  But she's so ready to go out and prove herself.  She's going to rock kindergarten.  And I praise the Lord it's only for half day--it's so nice to ease into the transition. I have loved all my time with her these past five years--spice and all!  And now I need to go swallow this lump in my throat :)  

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