Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Various and Sundry

Howdy!  Boy has it been a long time!  Tonight I took the first steps to blogging again--I emptied all the memory cards from the cameras to the computer :)   By the time I sorted through everything I just wanted to head for bed.  Then I thought about how many posts I have floating around and figured I'd better just break the ice and get going!  Plus--the Mariner's game has gone into the 11th inning and I've been listening long enough now that I'd like to hear the end of it.*  Therefore--the various and sundry.  So--a lot has happened since that long ago mid-May day when we posted that birthday message to Grandpa Tractor.

 The NBA finals happened, for instance.  During half time my boys practiced their best Steph Curry moves.

And they all had fun watching.

Back in May, Tadd built a sandbox for the kids.   He enjoyed planning and executing the project all on his own--with a few helpers.

 Notice the little water boy.

 He also broke out his electric guitar for a little stint.  The kids all wanted turns playing daddy's guitars.

 And the biggest news has been that school is out!  Wahoo!!!!  Here they are on the last morning--complete with teacher gifts.
 Look at how old those faces are.  They left me a second grader and a third grader...and a few short hours later I picked up a third grader and a fourth grader.  Seriously I could eat them up, I love them so!
 Nora didn't want to be left out of the picture taking.
 After school we made sure to snap some teacher shots.  Here is Caroline with her teacher and student teacher.  We have been so blessed with student teachers over the years.  I am thankful that the UW campus close by sends a steady stream of 'em the way of our school.  They have such energy, passion and love for the kids.  And the increased teacher:student ratio is wonderful.  Plus, I get to relive my student teaching when I watch them.  So fun.  Caroline's student teacher this year was thankful to be hired as a first grade teacher at another school in our district.  May she love her first year!
 And on the other end of the spectrum, Ezra's teacher retired this year.  We are happy for her--but sad for us--we still have three kids who would have loved to have her as a teacher, especially the one who will be in third grade next year. 
 And now we are enjoying the relative freedom of summer break!  It feels wonderful!
*The Mariners won in the bottom of the 11th.  Wins are not easily come by this year for Seattle--so we celebrate when we can.

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Adkins Family said...

When did your third grader and fourth grader get so, well, grown up?