Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The 3 H's Part II: The Rehearsal Dinner

All weddings gotta have one--the rehearsal, dum, dum, dum... And after the (very hot) rehearsal (when we were all very sweaty, thirsty and hungry) comes the rehearsal dinner.  Wahoo!  I was busy rehearsing during the rehearsal, so there are no pictures.  But I did snap a few during and after dinner.  It was really a super fun evening.  And once we left the (air conditioned) restaurant, the evening had cooled a bit, the humidity had slackened a bit and the breezes off the St. Croix River were intoxicating. 
 We were excited to get to spend time with this precious little man--he looks a little bit like his Dad in this picture.

 You'll notice a theme in most of my photos during the dinner.  I'm not sure what it is about me that brings out the "silly" in people--but apparently it's what I do.

 Oh look--those girls were being sweet together--no sillies here.  It only took me ten tries to get one of them without Ezra photo bombing behind.
 Henry kept us hopping by climbing those stairs and leaning through the railing to wave at everyone.  We were seriously too distracted by the amazing selection of food to be bothered with our child's safety.  There were a lot of delicious things--but my favorites included the Gouda, arugula salad, fillet Mignon and the peppercorn sauce.  Oh my word--the fillet and the sauce together--I can die happy now.  And yes, the cheese was really good enough to make my list.  I guess it was because Wisconsin was a short stone's throw across the river.

 Actually, I think that's not a silly look for Mandy--that's just how she is.  Just kidding, of course.
 Don't they look innocent?  Please don't be fooled.
 After I ate until I could eat no more (and stuffed a few things in my purse, no joke) we headed down the banks of the river.
 So beautiful and peaceful it was.
 He was a true gondolier--singing away in a deep bass.  All of those trees over on the other bank are Wisconsin.
 May he always be her protector.

 The lovely bride and her equally lovely maids-of-honor.
 Uncle Heffay!  It's very strange to think that he's a married man now.
 My boys look so much alike--and yet they each have their own look, I think.

 Less than 24 hours to go kids!

 Looks like they love each other.  Phew!
 Yeah, I'll claim them.  Even the one that looks like me.
 Let me introduce you to D-Dubs.  I really love this kid.  She is the definition of sweetness.  She carries a bit of drama in her bones.  And she's cute as a button.  I loved getting to stay at her house and having the chance to get to know her.   Because way back when she lived close enough to get together with us on a more regular basis she was a little wrapped up in her mother's womb.  She was only a few months old when I held her one last time and said good bye before they moved off to Minnesota.  And back then--nearly three years ago now--I never in a million years would have guessed that I'd get to go stay at her house for my brother's wedding! 
 Look at all that joy.
 The day we left for home she told her family at breakfast that we were gone because she had eaten us.  Haha--such a fun gal.
 Oh dear, and this one--not sure yet what I'm gonna do with her--but I know I'll keep her!
We could have sat there by the river all night.  But it was time to head home and get some sleep before the big day!

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NaomiG said...

Oh! These pics are great! And that meal was amazing--I'm still thinking about the watermelon jicama salad thing. Yum.