Thursday, March 5, 2015

This Little Stinker Turned FIVE

This little gal went and turned five on us.

 We sure do love her and all her spunkiness.  She brings the effervescence to our life.  She bottles up more energy than I can conceive.  She's always been our tiniest as far as size goes--but our loudest noise maker.  If she can learn to channel her energies in the right direction she will accomplish great things.

 This year she asked for a U-Dub birthday party--but we still had to inject a few hearts into our Valentine. 
 The kids and I had a ton of fun using royal icing to decorate these heart shaped lemon sugar cookies.  And the icing looked and tasted extra good in these darling little bowls my mother-in-law sent us for Christmas.

 The birthday girl is very sports-minded.  She asked for a jump rope, roller blades and a skate board for her birthday.  She spent most of Valentine's Day practicing on her new roller blades. 

Her birthday party looked an awful lot like a graduation party....thank goodness for Amazon prime and all the decor they have available year round!

 Nora had specific requirements for her cake.  It had to be a purple W.  The cake  needed to be strawberry flavor.  And the frosting, well, because it was purple she required it to be grape.  Probably not something I ever would have paired together.  But it turned out fine.  I especially liked the strawberry flavored cake.
Royal icing does not work well for writing with....but at 11:30 at night I was beyond my ability to reason.

 We attempted a nylon-tug-of-war game I had seen online.  Mistake.  Big mistake.  I nearly strangled the guests. 


 Instead, the kids took turns putting the nylons over their faces and looking like bank robbers.
 As an extra treat, Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Brett spent the night after Nora's party so she got to spend the next morning with them as well.

 Here she is, officially five.  All grown up and ready for UW....well, for kindergarten at least :)  


Alice said...

Happy Birthday, Nora! You are a darling!

Adkins Family said...

Looks like so much fun! The girl knows what she wants and goes for it. :) Sorry we missed you when you were down here. I realized on Wednesday afternoon that you were already on the plane! Oops!