Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Here Come the Cousins!

The drive from the desert to the San Diego area was, thankfully, uneventful and lacking in traffic.  And then, suddenly, we were there! 

 The kids were so used to swimming their vacation away at this point that they just hopped right into the pool.  I happen to think that they are crazy.  The temps were probably upper 60's and the pool is not heated.  Silly kids.  They obviously didn't care.  Cousin love kept them warm.  At least the boys used wet suits.

We were happy to see Sprocket again.

 Our second day there the girls hung out at home in the yard and pool again.  The boys headed off to the beach to boogie board.

 Not wanting to waste any precious vacation time, Tadd took Lucas and Ezra to a race where Uncle Nathan was selling t-shirts early Sunday morning.  Nathan suggested the boys jump into the kids race--so they did.
 Lucas was kind enough to loan Ezra a bike and Lucas rode on his brand new giant-tire-dealy-whopper.  I have no idea what it's really called--but it's a pretty cool looking bike.  Unfortunately for him, it weighed about twice as much as everyone else's bikes. 

 Ezra managed a third place finish.  Lucas got fifth--even with the severe handicap he gave himself--impressive! 

 That night, Emeber, Ryker and their parents came over for dinner.  I was so  happy to sneak in a quick visit with Amanda!

Sunday night it poured, and we heard it was supposed to continue.  However, Monday morning dawned clear and lovely.  We took advantage of the weather and a school day and had the beach to ourselves. 

 We sure are thankful to Uncle Nathan and Aunt Megan for always being so willing and generous to share their time and their beach things!
 These girls stayed attached most of our time together.  This picture makes me smile.

 Sunshine girl.
 Those two gals planted in the sand are Megan and I.  Pretty puffy clouds prancing across a pristine sky.

Back home to the hot tub!

 Wow, Lucas, it appears you are retaining water at a rapid rate.  You might want to see a doctor about that!
 Ezra has very fond memories of making pancakes with Lucas when we were down a year ago.  All year he's been talking about a repeat.  Aunt Megan was very kind to allow it. 

 Boy got skiiiillls!
 Another repeat is the girls making sure to match every day they are together.  Today is denim shorts and black and white striped tops day.

 All in all, there was lots of play, lots of swimming, lots of relaxing and a very fun time.

 Nursing a wet suit rash and sandy toes.

 Sunday go to meetin' girls.
 Vacation is hard!

 I think I get a picture of Aunt Megan reading to the whole group every single time we are together.  That's one amazing Auntie/Mom!

Taking Henry anywhere is stressful for me.  He breaks other people's things, shatters the quiet calm and makes messes.  He especially liked all the plastic spoons and forks he found in a cupboard right at his level.  Thankfully they weren't glass :)  His pinkie finger thought it was at a tea party.

Thus ended phase two of our vacation.  Thanks again U-Nate and A-Megan and kids!   We sure loved being with you!!!!

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Alice said...

Another fun visit start to finish! Thanks for all the pictures and the story!!!