Thursday, March 5, 2015

One and a Half

A couple weeks after the Stink Pot turned five, this Monkey turned 18 months.  One and a half--that's pretty old!  So hard to believe.

 He's boy, all boy.  Except for those luscious lips.  And the curls--oh, the curls.
 Like most toddlers, he loves to dip his food.  I think he ate that whole tub of catsup with one lone french fry.  He has all his teeth other than his two year molars which I think are on the way.  He's not light or short--but not our biggest kid for this age.
Henry is mostly motor--but he's got his mouth going a bit now too.  His words are:  uh-oh, daddy, mommy, mama, baby, Bible, apple, up, ball, owie, hot, hat, hi, bye, Addee (the neighbor girl).  He talks non-stop--we just can't understand anything other than those words.  He uses grunts and points to get the idea across.  And he won't stop grunting and pointing until we figure out and vocalize what he's saying.  He runs like the wind.  He jumps on the trampoline.  He climbs everything.  Everything.  He hangs from the monkey bars.  He jumps off the top of the monkey bars--and expects that I will always be there to catch him.  He tries to stick scissors into electrical outlets.  He tries to eat cleaning supplies.  He adores his siblings.  He asks for Daddy all.  day.  long.  He escapes the house and runs down the street to the neighbors house--and if their door is open he walks in.  He tries standing on skate boards.  He uses baseballs to target practice ANYTHING that looks breakable up on my kitchen counter.  He loves the sound of shattering glass.  He sucks up all of my energy and uses it for himself
He loves to play "baby" and pat the baby, hug the baby, feed the baby.  Then he spikes the baby like a football and laughs.  He gives the most amazing hugs--squeezes our guts out.  And if I leave him for a bit and then come back he says "mama, mama, mama" and kisses me again and again while holding on for dear life.  He brings me to the end of my rope several times a day and even more times each night.  But I sure do love him.  Especially right now--because he (and all the others) are asleep....for the time being. 


Alice said...

Yep he is all boy and cute as the dickens!!! You do have your hands full!

Adkins Family said...

Oh, I forget how busy the days are with an 18 month old around!