Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mid-Winter Escape

 In both 2013 and 2014 we made a February trek down to San Diego to visit U-Nate and A-Megan and family.  This year we thought we'd try to stick out the "winter" here at home.  But about a week and a half before our kids' mid-winter break, Tadd decided he just couldn't let the opportunity of some time away from  home pass him by.  So--last minute tickets were purchased and plans were laid.  We hopped on a jet plane and left sunny and 63 Seattle and landed in sunny and 73 Long Beach.  Mt. Rainier was visible in all her glory on Tadd, Ezra and Nora's side of the plane.
 After landing we wrangled approximately 52 pieces of luggage, car seats and kids over to the rental center and picked up our mini-van....and then--we were off! 

 Our first stop a couple hours later was a real necessity.  We had been dreaming of In-n-Out all day. 

Hamburgers and shakes--yum!

 Henry relished the opportunity to be out of the carseat and off the plane.  He also relished himself some ketchup.  He had screamed the whole two hours since we had left the airport, so he needed something soothing for his throat.

 Tattooed with In-n-Out stickers and loaded up with a milkshake for the drive, we headed off away from the sunset...
 out to the desert.
Ahhhh.....In the desert we found some true heat.  Mid-80's in February--what's not to love?  The kids spent hoooooouuuuuurrrs in the pool.  The first morning we headed out to the pools at about 9:15 with no plans for the day.  We made a few trips  back to the room for necessities and to bring out a picnic lunch.  But other than that--we didn't leave until 6:00 pm.  A day with that much swimming is a dream come true for the kids.

 Ezra made sure to spend some time relaxing with a book in the shade to balance out the sunshine and swimming.  A true red head--he knows how to protect himself.
 Mineral water pools are so much easier on the hair and skin.  I loved that I didn't have to worry about combing out frizzy, plastic feeling hair for the girls and I each night.  And if they fell asleep without showering first I didn't panic.
 Henry enjoyed swimming.  But he also enjoyed running all over the grounds.  He thought it was great fun to explore and play chase with Mommy.

 He took an occasional break for selfies with Dad.

 Unfortunately, the girls ended the day with fierce sunburns.  We were all exhausted from so much relaxing--so after a delicious dinner at South of the Border we called it a night without any more swimming under the stars.
To Be Continued :)  


Alice said...

Continue please.....!!! Loved the story so far!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Fun! And great shots!