Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thanksgiving (Yes, I realize this was a month and a half ago!)

 We got to spend a lot of time with this darling Little Thing over Thanksgiving.  His Daddy had to go to Florida for a roller coaster convention (or some such thing) so he and his Mama came our way and then stayed on until the holiday weekend.  They even came and stayed at our house for the first four days.   Henry and Ollie had such fun together.  They look nothing alike, but they know how to make mischief together! 
 I almost can't handle this close up of Oliver--too much cuteness!  I know I'm a biased Auntie, but really folks!
 Our immediate family spent several days at my parents' house for Thanksgiving.  All four kids were home--some of us bringing others along for the ride.  Uncle Jeff decided to bring his girlfriend home for the holiday and before she went home she became his fiancee!  Thanksgiving day we went to my Grandma's house for dinner.  I was so happy to not be the only grandchild bringing kids along for once.  Oliver was there, of course, and my cousin had his baby boy in tow as well.  The three second cousins were born within 9 months of each other.  I'm sure they will have fun times together over the years.
 Our girls brought wikki-sticks along to entertain themselves and our new Aunt-Kaitlin-to-be helped them make elaborate creations like this hamburger Caroline is holding--complete with onions, tomatoes and pickles.
 Thank goodness for Jelly the Pug featured on Zulilly to keep the girls lookin' cute.  They rarely match, so it's fun to make it happen on a holiday.
 Emily asked me to get a family shot for her....but Jake was not in the mood for picture taking.  I'm showing a whole series of shots to show how hard he was to deal with :) 
 Isn't that sarcastic smile so cute?
 None of these ended up on their Christmas card.
 At least Emily and Oliver look good.
 Grandma loved having so many children, grandchildren and greats around for the day.  She made all the dishes she is famous for.  And I'm quite certain she loved every last second she spent planning and cooking.

Back at Dad and Mom's after the big meal we had a Seahawks game to watch.  Everyone changed out of dress clothes and into Seattle gear.

 When these guys got to be too much to control, Grandpa just stuck them up on top of the refrigerator. 

 We had a lot of fun times in the days following Thanksgiving.  The only other time I got my camera out was the day we made wreathes.  Mom and Dad's back yard is chalk full of greens--including holly--it was the perfect place for wreathe making.  Thankfully, a Michael's craft store has opened about five minutes away from their house as well.  After I got all the kids to bed late Thanksgiving evening I ran to the store to take advantage of holiday deals and grab all the forms, wire and decor we might need.
 Tacky engagement photo with a wreathe--so fun!!!  We decided that making a wreathe together is a form of marriage counseling.  They passed. 

 Grandpa took care of the Chief Trouble Makers.  He looks so much like my Grandpa to me in this picture.

 Poor Kait-Kait got hit with a nasty bug, poor thing.  She was trying to look happy here for one last picture before heading to the airport.
 Photo bomb!
 "Hey guys!  I'm still here!"


The Chatty Housewife said...

Love it! I have blog posts still to write from September, not sure what to do about that!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

This was a fun visit! That Henry is so mischievously cute!!! And Caroline and Nora looked darling in their matching outfits. Loved it all!

Megan Miller said...

Those two littles are too cute!! Caroline is looking so grown up! Miss ya'll!

kdk said...

Well, I, too have not been posting anything. Love your Thanksgiving shots. I am still stuck on your first paragraph, though. How many kids get to say "My Dad designs roller-coasters!"