Wednesday, August 26, 2015

American Girl Tea Party

American girl dolls, cute little girlies, fun small food and a sunny day--what do they all add up to?  An American Girl Tea Party, of course.  We were out of town until just a week before Caroline's birthday and when we got home we knew we had to quickly put together a party for her sake.  Caroline is easy to please but I wanted it to be something she would enjoy.  Lately she's been into using her camera.  And a year ago she was given an American Girl photo book kit by her Grandmother.  We thought inviting her friends to bring their own dolls for a tea party and doll photo shoot would be just the way to celebrate.
Setting up the tea table out in the yard was a lot of fun for me.  And much cheaper than paying to have the party at the AG tea house too :) 

Tiny doll size foods and finger sandwiches were ordered by the birthday girl. 

 We wanted tea since it was officially a "tea party" but the day was hot, so the tea was iced.

 Summer time is really the best time for birthday parties.  Especially girly birthday parties.  There was no lack of flowers for decorating with!

 We tried to keep the boys hidden--but this one kept appearing.  The antithesis of a "girly tea party".
 The girls all came dressed cute in high style.

 I think that the dolls had a fun time too.  This one looks like she's ready to play a game!
 And this one is enjoying jumping on the trampoline with her little girl.

 We took hundreds of photos with girls and dolls and dolls in front of cute backgrounds--but I don't want to post too many of those.
 We had an outfit changing station.

 And there was help for Henry--praise the Lord!
 The dolls enjoyed their food after the girls had finished eating.
 Henry tried valiantly to fit into all the cute doll shoes.

 Cute dolls and even cuter girls.  Seriously, I can hardly stand the sweetness of this picture!!!!
 After all the photo shoot fun we had time for birthday cake and tea cakes--yum!

 Her choice of party was sure a fun one for me to plan and set up!  I'm glad she's not beyond dolls and tea parties yet...but I'm afraid that day is just around the corner.


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Caroline, you had a perfect birthday party! I loved every bit of it. and I love you more than all of it!

Lisa said...

What a fun party! I knew Brianna had a wonderful time but I didn't know all the details. Pretty impressive for any party, never mind a last minute one!