Thursday, August 6, 2015

H, H, H Part III: The Wedding!

W-Day dawned clear, bright and humid.  We enjoyed a laid back morning at The Happy Sanitarium.  I opted to go with my Mom to get our hairs did at a local salon.  I have no hair talent in my normal climate/environment and with all the humidity issues I wanted a local to look after me.  It was nice not to have to fuss over it myself.  Curling allllll of Caroline's hair took long enough.  Before heading to the river boat for the ceremony we headed out to a gorgeous farm setting for wedding portraits.  Henry cooperated beautifully.  If beautifully means screaming and crying and refusing to be in pictures.  Hey, what can I say--we have a genetic code in our family.  They are our kids.

 The Bride's Mother is a professional photographer--and an amazing one at that.  She really wanted to make sure that the wedding pictures turned out up to her standards--but it's a little hard to be the Mother of the Bride and the chief photographer.  So, she handed the picture taking duties over to friends of hers that she trusted.  One gal was the "portrait" photographer (she has three little boys herself, so understanding was her middle name) and the other was the creative wedding photographer.  I can't wait to see the shots that they got. 
 I didn't want to get in the way, but I did try to snap a few shots over shoulders when I could.  The boys all looked dapper with their suspenders and bow ties. 
 The Bride was, of course, gorgeous and classy.  I'm so glad that lace gowns are in--they are so feminine and lovely.  The Mother of the Bride also had a stunning dress--she looked very elegant!
 The classic farm porch had a lovely porch swing to get comfy in between pictures.  The humidity was pumping at this time!  We all had to take sweat wiping breaks often.  TMI?  Sorry!

 Getting a shot of the Bride and Groom with the uncooperative ring bearers and flower girl was quite a challenge.  I had handed my bouquet to Ollie to distract him and he was using it like a hammer.  Didn't matter much because when it came time for me to walk down the aisle I had Henry asleep in my arms, Nora crying--loudly--and holding my hand and my poor brother Brett attempting to be my escort.  The bouquet was smashed somewhere in the melee.  I can wait to see those pictures.

 I really love this picture of Daddy and daughter.  She looks very much like him and his family.

 Grandpa and Grandma figured this would be a logical time to get a frame-able picture of them with all of their grandchildren.  Sigh.  Someday I don't want to be the one with kids who ruin everything.

 Kaitlin and her Mama made their own wedding cake.  This "naked cake" was so beautiful!  They brought it onto the boat in three sections.  And then her aunt and two cousins put it all together and added the berries, flowers and ferns in about fifteen minutes.  I was amazed. 
 And now we'll just skip straight to the reception. I did not take any pictures during the ceremony for obvious reasons.  If you're thinking that Jeff and Kaitlin look a little different in this picture--you're right.  Jeff's two best friends from high school were lookin' so cute I had to snap a quick shot.
 The evening on the riverboat was so peaceful.  The breezes cooled everything down delightfully.  And when Henry let us hold him we could stop having heart attacks and wondering if his cause of death would read "drowning" or "shredding from paddle boat wheel".  Two stories of the boat--where the ceremony and dinner were-- were entirely enclosed and air conditioned--so really we didn't have to worry much of the time.

 The Bride and her Dad sharing a dance.
 Her Dad called Jeff up to dance with him as well, but then walked off laughing when Jeff took him up on it :) 
 Jeffrey and our Mama had their dance as well.

 And, of course, their first dance as a married couple.
 There wasn't any other dancing after that--but Ezra seemed to be boogying down to his own beat.

 All too soon it was time for the bride to toss her bouquet.
 I had to get a quick shot of Caroline and Glenda together because their dresses matched so perfectly.
And thus ended a lovely evening.  They got married.  And now I have a new sister.  Miss Kait-Kait is officially Aunt Kaitlin!


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You got a ton of pics for not only being in the wedding but also juggling Henry! The aisle walk was awesome. Smile and wave, smile and wave.

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