Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tamarack Day 4: Caroline's Birthday Party!

Caroline had a birthday while we were on our vacation and she thought it would be fun to have a birthday party with all of her girl cousins.  She chose a spa party--very girly.  Setting up was lots of fun--what a perfect setting with all the beauty of nature around us.  The wide wrap around porch with lots of furniture worked out just right.

We had to start with some girly spa food, of course.

 Necessity is the mother of all invention...I had to make up a few new recipes based on what we had on hand : )  These melba toast with a smidge of cream cheese, one single fresh blueberry and then a few drops of apricot jam turned out pretty tasty. 
 Ants on a log were a simple hit as well.
 And just so you know, chocolate covered strawberries with no wax paper to dry on are a pretty big mess : ) 
 The girls loaded up and went outside to pick nail colors.
 Each girl got a fun robe to feel like they were living it up.

 We started out with a chocolate-oatmeal face mask.  There was lots of giggling.

 Henry was pretty scared once the girls had goop all over their faces.  He kept crying and trying to rub it off of them.

 I had put the cucumber slices in the freezer so that the would feel cool on their eyes.  They ended up partially frozen because I left them in too long.  Because they were so rigid we had trouble keeping them on their eyes.  Fridge is probably best for the cucumber slices.

 I love all those smiles!
 After some time in the bathroom getting the goopiest chunks off, they headed into the hot tub to relax.

 Henry headed to Aunt Megan's arms to relax.  He ended up falling asleep much to my delight.
 Italian soda and nail time!
 Grandma held on to our other male visitor.

 I think we all had a fun time.  I greatly under-estimated the length of time it would take to cut, file and paint 100 nails (5 girls x hands and feet).  Most of the girls got bored after their toes were done and didn't want to wait around for their fingers.  If you do a spa party for your girls I would suggest bringing in looooots of help.  Aunt Heather and Aunt Megan once again saved me!
 After dinner that night we enjoyed a pink lemonade birthday cake.

 And the rest of the hooligans joined us.

 Miss Carks--I sure do love you!


Adkins Family said...

Oh how fun! The robes were a great touch and the girls complexions looked so nice after the mask treatment. ;)

Anonymous said...

this is soo cool, the robes are so fun, the pics of the girls are hilarious, love the masks and cucumbers :) Henry is just scrumptious in all these posts, what a charming soooo darling and I love the AK green on him :))) ~Cath

Megan Miller said...

Last weekend Natalie was here and mentioned that she had seen some Tamarack picts on your blog...just getting around to seeing them for myself. So much fun to relive the memories!! What fun times we have!