Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sweet Caroline Tries "Seven" on for Size

Our sweet Caroline turned seven last week while we were on vacation.  We love our Caroline so much!  She continues to roam through life with an adult outlook, preferring sarcasm to kid humor--for the most part.  She loves to read and write--sometimes writing and printing a "friendly neighborhood newspaper" and passing it out to all the homes in our cul de sac.  Gymnastics, swimming and soccer are her sports of choice.  Although, I do think soccer is more for the social aspect than for love of the game so far.  She is loyal to her friends and enjoys spending time with them.  But out of all of our children, this one needs alone time more than the others.  She thrives on time alone to read, write, draw and day dream.  She might not look anything like me--but I relive much of my childhood and youth while watching her.  
We had a fun birthday celebration with her cousins--I'll do a whole post about our spa birthday party later.
She got the strawberry lemonade cake she asked for.

Spending your birthday surrounded by cousins is the way to go!  Happy 7th Birthday, Caroline!


Adkins Family said...

Happy birthday, Caroline! We're so glad we got to spend a little time with your this summer. How fun to spend your birthday with your cousins! :)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Happy Birthday, Caroline Avy! Seven is a very good number. That is a darling picture of you. I LOVE it! It was so fun to see you this summer. Can't wait until I see you again.