Monday, August 4, 2014

11 Months (What???? How Can This Be?)

Baby Boy is eleven months.  That means at the end of this month he turns one!!!  I am not ready for this.  But he seems to be.  He is a climbing, jabbering, quick crawling explorer and he's ready to go places.  He stands up all the time, but won't try to walk.  Although, Ezra screamed at us all excited last evening and said that Henry took three steps.  Only Ezra saw it and Henry has not repeated the performance since then.  He got a nasty sinus and ear infection on our recent vacation--these close ups really show case his nasty state of face.  But they also show off his signature look with that little curled tongue : ) 

 Henry is still a big boy and very snuggly.  He loves faces and is constantly slapping at them.  He is very tactile--has to touch everything.  I think his first word is "dog" or his attempt at saying dog, anyhow.  Ironic, seeing as we don't have a dog of our own. 
 I can never get enough of all the baby chubs and dimples.  I will be so sad when they are all gone.
 Here he is on the actual day he turned 11 months.  His second Mom, Mia, is holding him. 
 We still love our Henry-Boy, even if he has done gone and grown up on us.

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Adkins Family said...

That curled tongue is pretty precious! So sweet that cousin Mia toted him around, she must be a strong girl! ;)