Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tamarack: Day 2 Finish up and Day 3

 I forgot that Tadd had pictures on his phone from the trip as well.  I believe this is the first early morning bike ride.  A three bro-selfie. 

We had gotten the boys these bike shirts from Old Navy...and apparently we didn't need to pack anything else, because I don't think they removed them from their bodies night or day--except to swim. 

 Uncle Nathan took the boys up to the woods for an all out airsoft war.
 On Day 3 the dads headed off for some serious downhill mountain biking.  The Moms, kids and Grandpa went to the corrals for some horse time.  Aunt Heather, Aunt Megan, Grandpa, Ella, Teddy, Lucas, Jill, Ezra and Caroline hit the dusty trail with some guides. 

 Levi, Mia, Nora and I stayed back at the corrals since these three were under 6--the official age of trail riding.  Free pony rides for the younguns was the order of the day.
 Henry slept in the car.

 I thought that Ezra's "surf ride" hat hanging on the horse shoe hook was an interesting juxtaposition. 

 The Little Gal who gave the kids their rides told them they could feed the pony, "Rosy" and brush her down after they were done.  They liked that almost as much as they liked riding her.
 Then a teenage boy who also worked for the corrals came out and asked the kids if they'd like another ride.  Levi and Mia gladly took another turn.  Nora declined, because she could never allow a BOY to lead her around on a pony : )

 After a while we saw the trail riding procession coming back.  Interestingly enough, a couple of them were on foot.  Turns out that Lucas had been matched with a bit of a rascal and had gotten tossed!  Poor guy!  He took a nasty fall and hurt his back and head quite a bit.  His poor Mama.  There were more than a couple of kids hanging on extra tight as they riders came back.

 That would be Ezra cracking up at a horse urinating.  I'm told that Ezra and his horse had a lot in common.  His horse stopped to eat, drink and....potty...a lot.
 Back at the cabins we decided to take the kids to the pool to wash off the trail dust.

 Henry loves the water.  He doesn't want to be put down and he doesn't especially like cold water.  But a lukewarm hot tub and Mommy's arms are just what he likes.

All in all it was a rather lovely day....for those of us not named Lucas.


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I have been patiently - almost - waiting for this blog!!! And you did not disappoint! I love reading about the kids, seeing pictures, and feeling like I was with them. They are all such cute kids. I am so lucky to be their aunty and I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting!

Adkins Family said...

Love the selfie of the three bro's, all in their matching OSO shirts. :) Sounds like Ezra hasn't changed with his lifestyle since he was born... eat, sleep, etc. :) Too bad about the horse bucking Lucas. Glad to hear he's recovered. Cute pics of the kiddos on the ponies.