Tuesday, March 5, 2013


 A couple weeks ago we packed our bags, boarded a jet plane and flew off to San Diego.  Wahoo!  We had looked forward to this vacation for months.  I tried to break the vacation into parts for blogging purposes, and yet, I still have a zillion photos in this post.  Oops, I guess it's mostly for Grandparents. 
 The first few days of vacation we were blessed with incredible weather--nearly 80 degrees even at the beach!  We went to the beach to soak up the sun, play in the sand, visit with friends and...surf.  Lucas had a surf competition the Saturday we were there.  He wanted Ezra to enter in the beginners level so that they could be in a competition together.  Ezra was game as long as Uncle Nathan would be the one to go out into the ocean and push him into the waves. 
 So, Friday we went to the beach for practice.  Natalie and her Littles kindly drove south to meet us.
  The kids played on the beach, played on the toy structure, did flips off of sand hills and ate a lot of snacks.

 Secrets were shared.

 There was some surfing practice involved too.

 We had a fun time--and boy did that sun feel good on our faces!
Saturday morning the Dads and the Boys got up bright and early to head to the beach in time for registration.  The Moms and the Girls mosied down a couple hours later to watch Ezra's heat.  He was the "surfer in green".

 Lucas was so excited to watch and cheer him on. 

 Nora enjoyed watching Ezra catch a couple waves...but she really liked the sea gulls.
 Ezra was cold and tired before his heat was over so he came in early. 
 I love this shot of the boys discussing the surf.

 Ezra ended up getting 4th place in his heat and only the top three move on, so he was done in the water for the day.

 Next up we got to cheer on the surfer in blue in his first heat.
 Focusing on what had to be done.
 The girls cheered and played as they felt led.
 Paddling out.
 There he goes!
 I can't believe how far out he goes and how tiny he looks.  He has a very brave Mom and Dad!

 His loyal fans.

 In he comes.
 Lucas was in the top three and got to move on to the next heat.  That meant we got to hang out in the sun and sand a few more hours.  No complaints from these water-logged Pacific Northwesterners.  We were happy to plant our buns on a patch of sand and be lizards--as Uncle Nathan called me : ) 

Lucas wore yellow for his second go-round.

 It turned out to be the end of the day for him, but he had a lot of fun.  And we were so glad to be able to be there and watch.  Thanks, Lucas for a good show and a really fun day!

 The kids love riding in Uncle Nate's surf van to and from the beach.

 We are reaaallllly cool surf Moms, duh!

 The girls enjoyed sandy hot dogs for lunch and the boys got cool goodies from contest sponsors, like a chilli and cornbread lunch and Cold Stone ice cream for dessert. 
 We already miss being at the beach!!!!!


Adkins Family said...

Way to go boys! I didn't know that Ezra was going to enter the contest... good for him! It was so fun hanging out with you guys for the afternoon. I'll try to post my photos soon. :)

NaomiG said...

Awesome! Way to go Ezra and Lucas!

You got great pictures of it all, and it sounds like such a fun day.

Also, I can't even imagine 80 degrees right now. :-)