Monday, March 18, 2013

Blessed, So Blessed

Expecting our fourth Baby has been fun so far.  Ya know, other than the nausea and those other little annoyances.  My morning sickness lasted longer than it has in the past and was a bit worse.  But that's just a memory now.  So many things are different this time around.  I don't have a real baby to care for, for one thing.  Nora is three and while she still doesn't sleep well, she doesn't require the same care a baby or even a toddler does.  And I have two kids in school.  The house is so quiet for part of the day.  The best difference is the way that the kids are taking ownership of this Baby.  They are ALL so excited.  They talk about how life will change for the better.  They each describe, in detail, the many ways they will help us with the Baby.  And their help will actually be helpful this time : )  They discuss things like whether they want to find out the sex of the Baby at the ultrasound or wait and be surprised.  They fight over who will be the 3rd to hold this Baby (Mommy and Daddy being the first and second).  They discuss who will bring them to the hospital to meet the Baby.  They give name suggestions--other than weird ones like "Wall" or "Curious George".  I am really enjoying this different experience! 

 Living near a city like Seattle makes it interesting to be having a fourth child.  Some people take it in stride.  Others make a big deal out of it.  I've caught myself almost feeling guilty...but then I remember that I'm NOT guilty and I AM excited and the Lord ALLOWED it!  I'm really not too worried about our carbon foot print changing the world.  With that said, 4th Babies really have everything they need in the form of hand me downs--especially since we already have a boy and two girls--we have some of everything.  Yet--I've already been given gifts by sweet friends who are so excited for us that they wanted to surprise us with congratulations gifts.  The little sleepers and leg warmers and a new fresh diaper bag remind me just how sweet and tiiiiiiny our Baby will be.  We love to look at the little sleeper and think about the chubby hands that will be sticking out of the arm holes...and wonder what color hair will be on the head up at the top.  Will it be a he or a she?  Either way he/she will be warm and soft and lovely to hold. 
 And--he/she will already be tagged as an Idaho Vandal.  Thanks, Uncle Jeffrey. 

Be he a he or be she a she we are blessed, so blessed! 


Adkins Family said...

Thanks to Uncle Jeff, maybe Tadd and Caroline will have another one on their team. :) So excited for you guys and glad you'll have real helpers this time around! ♥

kdk said...

So excited for you!