Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 Years and 1 Month Old

 One month ago this little munchkin turned three!  She requested a pizza and bubble gum party. 
 Caroline wrote the place cards for everyone.
 We had a make your own pizza bar.  I was introduced to Trader Joe's refrigerated pizza dough.  Cheap, easy and delish! 
 I didn't take a single picture, so these are all from Daddy's phone.  He was trying to get shots of all the place cards, I believe : )

I had grand plans for that there cake you see.  It was four tiers.  Each tier was going to be beautiful.  I was going to write a big post about it.  Well, each tier was just sort of "eh".  And then I went upstairs to take a quick nap with Nora after I had all 4 tiers stacked on top of each other--complete with two skewers stuck down the middle.  When I came downstairs my mom informed me something very sad had happened and I looked at the whole cake had tipped over onto the counter.  Yep--that there white ball on the white cake plate used to be on top of the other cake on the pink cake plate.  It was quite a bit too heavy.  Nora didn't care, though. 

 She had her parents, her siblings, her Grandparents, an Uncle and her Bestie and his family to help her celebrate.

 And bubble gum.  Lots of bubble gum.  We chewed and spit out and grabbed a new piece over and over again.

 And to top it all off she got presents.  What more could a girl want? 
 Oh yes, a little Pookie Puddin' Pie to help her open the gifts.  Her birthday was truly complete!  And now she's three and oh-so-grown-up. 

 Love you, my  Norrie Porrie Puddin' Pie!


Megan Miller said...

Happy birthday again, sweet Norsie! All they ever care about is the people around them...and the presents of course!

whitsendmom said...

Happy late birthday! and enjoy number 4!

Anonymous said...

aww!!! okay the place cards are an absolute TRIP!!!! nora, you should sit next to Landon, soo adorable, love it! haha! ~cath

Adkins Family said...

I love the place cards, Caroline! Looks like it was a lovely party, toppled cake and all. ;)