Thursday, March 7, 2013


 Near Uncle Nathan and Aunt Megan's house is an empty lot next door to a Care Facility. 
 Because they know the maintenance man, they turned the empty lot into a bike path/jump course.  Oh wait, I think I know that maintenance man too : )  I guess they just maintain it themselves. 
 Anyhow--the course is called "The Old Folks Home" and Lucas, Jill and Mia had a lot of fun introducing Ezra and Caroline to their bike track.

 On our last day in town, us Mom's ventured up the hill to The Old Folks Home to watch the action.  It was sunny and lovely.
 And there was free entertainment.
 There were even some crashes to watch.

 Jumps were increased in size.
 And slivers attained.
 Don't worry, this young man didn't crash--he's just resting in the sun after laying down a super fast time.
 The Dads and the Boys loaded into the surfing van (which doubles as a biking van) and drove to some other bike trails throughout the week.

 They had lots of fun and all came home tired out.  Except Uncle Nathan who is a pro.

 And then there was one of us who didn't set "foot" on a bike and stayed rather sedentary all week.  I mean me, by the way.  Boy, did that feel nice!  I just realized that Mia is MIA in this post--she was with us--she was just busy running around out of view of my lens. 
Biking in the warm sun in February--not something we get to do too often!


NaomiG said...

So cool to have a lot like that so close... that must be tons of fun. And, cheap entertainment, which is always nice when you're trying to keep a load of kids entertained and happy. :-)

Megan Miller said...

I love all the pictures. Makes me wish I wasn't so camera lazy lately. Life was more fun and less homeworkie when you were here.