Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Photo Credit:  Natalie Jennette Photography

 Last December our girls were asked by some friends of ours if they would "model" some dresses.   Now, these are not just ordinary dresses--they are beautifully and uniquely put together dresses designed by the ladies over at Maisonnette.  Mother and daughter team Ava and Madeline Warr design boutique dresses and skirts for your unique little girl.
Photo Credit:  Natalie Jennette Photography
 The dresses are made of high quality fabric and easy to wash and wear.  The ladies want the dresses to be worn and played in--not just hung in the closet looking pretty.
Photo Credit:  Natalie Jennette Photography
 They were easy to take on and off with neck holes that were big enough (a common problem with boutique dresses is that they are not easy to take off and on), easy to button buttons and wide sashes. 
Photo Credit:  Natalie Jennette Photography
 The dresses shown in these photos are from the fall line and are now available.  Drooling over the designs?  Dying to have one or two for the precious little girl in your life?  Head on over to Maisonnette and snatch up a few!
Photo Credit:  Natalie Jennette Photography
 And if you happen to live in southern California, you are fortunate enough to use Natalie Jennette Photography to get your family portraits done--Christmas is not that far away these days.
Photo Credit:  Natalie Jennette Photography
Natalie works well with kids and loves to shoot them as they run and play in a natural way.  My girls had fun trying on all the beautiful dresses and running around while Natalie sat back with her camera and worked her magic.  Her photography site is also linked to Maisonnette, but you can go straight here and find her.
Maisonnette is fully "made in America".  They are also some lovely women.  Thanks for the opportunity to model your dresses Madeline and Ava and thanks for shooting the event, Natalie.  We sure had fun and we are enjoying our fall dresses and the photos of the girls!


Cobblestone said...

I was just thinking about you. You sure have some beautiful girls!

kdk said...

Gorgeous fabrics & designs; your girls show them off beautifully!

Adkins Family said...

I was wondering when that photo shoot happened. I thought maybe you were down here and I missed you again! The girls look darling and of course, the outfits are beautiful! ♥ said...

hurrah for the ladies of Maisonette!