Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3, 2, 1...Blast Off!

 3, 2, 1...Blast Off!  It's been the battle cry of my kids as they tease me about leaving for school.  And today, it was blast off time. 
 I made them hold still long enough for a couple of photos.  What strange faces they make, whose kids are they anyhow????

 Ezra started 1st grade.  He marched in with the biggest grin--his eyes spitting fire works. 
 After that it was back home for a few hours of just us girls...and then...I had to say good bye to this one as well.
 She had her cute, girly outfit on but made sure to wear her brand new blue and black tennis shoes.  The perfect example of our girl--cute and girly, but fully tom-boy to the core.

 There she goes--going, going,
Gone.  And just like that, a new school year has begun.  May they be lights shining brightly in a dark world!


Cobblestone said...

Such cuties! I'm glad you still have one at home to snuggle with. Jeremy does that same expression as Ezra's very first - where do they learn this stuff?!

Adkins Family said...

At least the first day is over with! Now to juggle schedules every week day. I'm glad you have Nora to keep you company! ♥

nicole said...

sometimes we say "shine for Jesus". enjoy this time with Nora!

Anonymous said...

wow, soooo cute, aww Caroline is sooo grown up!!! just love these pics. ~Cath