Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Missing Board in the Fence

 Today is school picture day.  Last night while I was brushing Caroline's teeth--I managed to sneak out one of her bottom teeth.  Two of them have been hanging by a thread for about a week now, and she was determined not to let them fall out.  We all chase her around begging her to let us get rid of them.  Nora randomly pumps her fist in the air and chants "Rip it out, rip it out!!!!"  I knew that by next year, most of her front teeth will have fallen out and grown back in and I really, really wanted one school picture with at least one missing tooth.  So, yep, I was mean and I "accidentally" brushed one of her teeth out.  It was so ready that only a drop of blood came out with it.  Plus, she got $2 from me, er, the tooth fairy.  I'm not that mean, right?
We'll see when I can get to the other one : ) 


Adkins Family said...

Good job, Mama! I haven't had to deal with that yet, but the sounds of it make me kinda squirmy. Guess we'll get there soon enough though.

Megan Miller said...

She looks ADORABLE. Love missing teeth pictures Jill's missing one of her top middle ones for hers. It fell out while eating watermelon of all things!

robyn said...

I think you took necessary action! This will be the perfect Kindergarten picture...one tooth missing :) Cute!