Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Start to the School Year

 We are off to a good start this school year!  Ezra and Caroline both love their teachers and are making friends.  After two weeks they are even starting to remember the name of a couple of said friends.  The best friend that Caroline has made since the beginning of the school year is:  her sister. 
 Nora is finally old enough for creative and imaginative play.  She can follow orders from her big sister--when she wants to.  They have three hours alone together in the mornings after we drop Ezra off at school.  Often the three of us do something together.  But more frequently the girls get going on some business of their own as I finish cleaning up breakfast.
 It just makes my heart ache in a good way to watch this little relationship grow.  I've been a bit sad to watch Ezra and Caroline's relationship grow a little more distant as they make friends of the same sex over the past year.  So, this new friendship is even more beautiful.

 Another sign that school is going swimmingly:
That says "I feel like going to bed" for those of you not trained in reading "best guess spelling" : )  And there he is in his bunk bed (somehow on the top AND bottom bunk) with all those zzzz's coming out of his mouth.  He has been exhausted to the max these first few weeks as he gets into the routine of full day school rather than half.  Thankfully it's a fun kind of tired and he enjoys it. 
Now if they can just stay this excited about it for 169 more school days!


Adkins Family said...

Precious pictures of the sisters! And good news on kids looking forward to going to bed at night! ♥

Cobblestone said...

Oh-so-sweet! Sisters are the best, as you and Julia know so well. :) I love Ezra's drawing - September personified!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, how precious are these pics of Caroline and Nora, wow!! I pray they always stay that way, there is NOTHING like a sister for a best friend :) ~Cathy

Adkins Family said...

By the way, Nora looks so much like her Grandma Idaho in that first picture!