Thursday, April 5, 2012

Play Ball!

 It's that time again.  Baseball season!  This year Ezra is a Marlin.  I like the pretty turquoise shirt.
 Baseball means three practices a week--I liked basketball and its one practice a week a lot better : )
 BUT--it's possible for a practice to canceled due to rain for baseball--yeah!  Unfortunately the sun breaks around these parts have timed themselves perfectly.  Monday night we had our first game.  Ezra moved on from t-ball to "AA--coach pitch baseball".  We were a little worried that it might be too intense,  but so far it's been good.  This league has 6 inning games--twice as long as t-ball.  Also, no more relaxed uniforms--he has to have the official socks and belt this time around, folks.

 The boys in the outfield spend most of their time aerating the lawn.  Another difference from last year to this year--outs.  He can strike out and he can be thrown out.  Thankfully we knew ahead of time and discussed how even the pros get out many times in each game.  He did manage to get on base a couple times Monday.
 I was all set to be the dugout mom this year, but they have enough coaches that I'm unneeded--phew!  Little boys with metal  bats and baseballs are not all that easy to control.

 The boys still move around to the different positions--it's pretty funny watching them walk around in the catcher's gear.  Two hours is a long time for the little girls to hang out at games.  The practices are at a school where there is a playground, so that's not so bad.  But the little league fields where games are held have nothing but bleachers, gravel and baseball fields.  We'll have to get inventive with keeping them entertained.  At least they are getting plenty of fresh air.


whit's end mom said...

Baseball season is upon us. Pack blankets in the car. Buy snacks so the kiddos don't beg for concession stand food. Bring along a hoola hoop and jump robe for the kiddos not playing. Hope and pray I remember the names of every mom from last year and the year before and the year before. Wear purple or turquoise or whatever the team color is this year. Hold my breath when my son is up to bat. Get a stomach ache when he pitches. OH I LOVE BASEBALL SEASON!!!! Glad to know that you are loving it too!

Megan Miller said...

Ezra looks like he was made for baseball. Lucas LOVES being catcher. I think it is the guaranteed action. Tonight, I made the girls run to a pole and back while I timed them. They stayed at it for a good half hour! It kept them warm and a little less wiggly when we sat back down. Oh and as Whit's end says, snacks, lots and lots of snacks!

Cobblestone said...

Amen, sistah! The American pasttime!! I forgo the team colors (unless we have a matching last-year's baseball cap around) in favor of ski coat, umbrella and hood, for now. Unfortunately the turf fields don't rain-out. If we are at NAF, my kids would play with your girls (pretty good chances!). The car stays loaded w/ waters, granola bars, layers, cushions, etc. Pretty much gave up on knowing names of kids or moms. I just have to apologize a lot and ask for help carpooling a lot! Four kids playing is rewarding and exhausting! Baaaaaaatter UP!