Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Goings On

 This year my birthday fell on a Saturday, which meant that I got to be extra lazy and take it extra easy.  We started the party early when we went out for fro-yo Friday night.  Saturday morning my girls and I went on a Starbucks date while Daddy and Ezra went to baseball practice.  As I am not a coffee drinker, going to Starbucks is not a regular occurrence for my kids.  This made it extra special.  Ordering hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream was fun (but somehow not as fun as at home where we can refill the whipped cream whenever our cup runs low). 

 We attempted some self portraits--they were all fails--but they're kinda funny.

 Early that evening we met my parents and two of my brothers for a fun dinner at PF Chang's. 
 The kids munched on the lettuce leaves from our lettuce wrap appetizer--which is fine, because they bring more lettuce for free as needed : )
 Uncle Brett pretending to take on the whole  bill.
 Caroline took over the camera for some close ups.  See those earrings I'm wearing?  Caroline picked them out and gave them to me. 

 We got cheesecake to go from the cheesecake factory and headed to the play area at the mall.  Cheesecake and playing--what could be better?

 It was a very fun and calorie filled birthday for me.  Below is a shot of a few of the gifts I received (I got super spoiled this year).  My family knows me well--look at how many things I got that are kitchen related.  Ezra picked out that nice bright red timer for me, by the way.  He knows I get frustrated by Daddy always taking my timer out to the garage to use when he roasts coffee.  Now I have my own!  I really do love spending time in the kitchen or putting together a party.   I can't wait to plan a get together where I can use my new cake stand and some of the fun recipe and decorating ideas I got out of the those two books.  Anyone need a shower thrown?  My friend Jennie and I have been known to plans showers based on a food idea--even before the couple is engaged.
Thanks to all my friends and family for making my birthday so special.  My hips will not be forgetting it for a long, long time.  And neither will I : )


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke! I always miss your day... The pics say you had a great time! And I had a great time looking at those pics. Love it!

kdk said...

Happy b-day! My boys picked out a necklace for me one year; I love that.

Megan Miller said...

Happy birthday, dear sister. (said in a LB type of way but really meant in a you are a dear type of way!)

I have a party planning idea for you! Pretend 17 people are going to be together for a week and they will each need to eat 3 whole meals and 20-52 snacks per day. Oh and they'll be on vacation so no one will want to do anything, kay?! :)

Adkins Family said...

Looks like it was a great day! ♥

NaomiG said...

What a great day! :-) You got treated right, I think. Those earrings are SO pretty, tell Caroline she did good! :-)

Anonymous said...

it is soo not fair that anyone(you!!) is that beautiful without makeup :))!!!! and that second pic of the girls half looking at eachother and nora has the cup in her hand....i think that's like my fav of all time...i even might beg you for a copy!! sooo cute and esp. because it's starbucks ;p Love, Cathy :) p.s. hmmm you could throw a girls night or something and lol at the shower thing, hope Beck reads this rofl

gourmetgirl said...

I'd be willing to be the subject of an experiment with your new cake stand and cookbook. :D

LOL at the shower reference ;) It was wonderful!