Monday, April 23, 2012

Grandpa's 80th

 Last weekend saw us headed off to Walla Walla for my Grandpa's 80th birthday weekend.  Tadd was able to take Friday off work so that we could leave Thursday afternoon.  I only got my camera out during the actual birthday party, so there are no photos to document our fun time spent at Uncle Stan and Aunt Marianne's house.  Nor are there photos of Grandma Froese's new place, or of all the family staying at the Froese place for the weekend.  But we did have fun there.
Friday evening we moved over to Uncle Ted and Aunt Lynne's.  All three of Grandpa's daughters were in town along with 6 out of 8 grand kids and all 5 greats. 
Nora and her cousin Jaylin got to know each other.  Jaylin is the happiest kid you'll ever meet.  And he doesn't have a "stop" or "pause"  button either.  He's alllll go!  I wanted to be kissing his cheeks the whole weekend.

 All the kids love Auntie Emmy.

 We had planned to go out to a restaurant for the birthday party--but the day was beautiful and no one wanted to go inside.  So we barbequed and relaxed around Uncle Ted and Aunt Lynne's property for the evening.
 Happy  Birthday Grandpa!  I spent a lot of time at my Grandpa and Grandma's house in Walla Walla when I was a little girl.  Someday I will post about all my special memories of tea parties and special reading times with my Grandma.  They mean a lot to me.
 Deep conversations were had.
 We were so glad that Jaylin and his Mom, Kelsey were visiting from Hawaii so that they could be with us.  Now it might have been even more fun if we all had been at their place in Hawaii--but them coming to us was a little more feasible and cost effective.

 My Mom and Aunt Lynne had to put candles on Grandpa's cake for a special reason.  You see, when Grandpa turned 5 his Mom threw him the only birthday party he remembers.  And he remembers it for a sad reason.  He was sitting in front of his cake and everyone was singing to him.  Just as they stopped and he was about to have his moment of blowing out those candles--whoosh, his little friend beat him to it.  And boy was he sad.  SO--he got to blow out his own candles at his 80th birthday party to make up for that other party so many years ago : )
 Thankfully these two didn't puff them out and ruin another birthday party!

The kids had so much fun that they didn't want to leave Aunt Lynne's place the next day.  They had a blast playing with the 4 dogs, 8 (or more) cats and the rescued squirrel (Kathy).  Caroline was convinced that she'd be allowed to bring her favorite dog home with her--that didn't happen.  She and cousin Makenna spent the whole day Saturday playing with dogs, making little rivers and pools in the gravel, sword fighting down by the creek and running around the pasture.  What little girl wouldn't have fun with such carefree activities?  Ezra joined them at the end of the afternoon--but for most of the day he was busy driving the golf cart for his Dad and three Uncles at the local golf course where they all saw just how far off of par they could come in.
Sunday we had family pictures taken and I will try to post some of those shots soon.  Family photos are always good for a laugh!


Adkins Family said...

How nice so many of you could be together for your Grandpa's birthday, I'm sure he loved having you all there. I have fond memories of playing in the creek in Dixie (or as the locals said, crick). :)

Kirsten said...

Wait, what? You're related to the Froese clan as well and have WW connections?? Did I ever tell you how confused I was when Dean and I went to a funeral in WW and I was previously unaware of the vast mix of his mom's relatives, plus his paternal aunts ending up there, too? Dean says our last name should be changed to Legion;). I'm very confused about what has happened to your family tree, although I think I have where it intersects with Dean's figured out;). Oh, and after all that blabbing: glad you had a good time:).