Monday, April 16, 2012


 I know I'm a bit behind...
 We did all the usual stuff for Easter weekend--and it was gloriously, beautifully, warmly sunny!  We were thankful for that sunshine and warmth every second we felt it.  There was a lot of playing outside, yard work, bike riding, etc. going on. 
 Daddy had a photo shoot with his girls before Sunday School Easter morning.

 We spent the afternoon at Great Grandma Kilcup's house eating delicious food, having an Easter egg hunt, playing at the park and enjoying time with family.

 Cousin Carlie and her friend were kind enough to hide all the eggs and help the kids hunt.
Isn't family grand?
This week is Ezra's spring break, speaking of grand.  I LOVE no school weeks.  There is no rush--no living in three hour blocks of time and constantly watching the clock.  We can relax and hang out.  No baseball practice for a whole week.  The weather isn't warm or sunny, but there are Legos to build with, Ramona the Brave to be read and games to be played.  And...the laundry that keeps calling my name--I'd better go answer!


Anonymous said...

the girls' outfits are darling!!!!!!! ~Cath

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I love the dresses and the purple flip flops! It does sound like a fun week with no clock watching! Hope you get a day of sun though during the break..... Hope we get some warm days soon again too!

Kirsten said...

Love the dresses:).

So, do you have mixed feelings about Ramona, too? :D We're on the tail end of a slightly frightening run on all books by B. Cleary, and Aiden's added quite a few "activities" involving spitwads and other fun, not-to-be-missed rites of childhood. I actually hid our copy of Ramona and her Mother because of the shoving-things-in-the-toothpaste-tube scene. New ideas of that ilk can just check themselves at the door, thank you very much;). But I've survived, and after multiple reads on his part, I've distracted him with other books that don't involved spitwads;). They are great books, though!

Norah was asking when we'd get to see Caroline again--even the little people around here think of you;).