Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extended Family

  Last Friday night Grandpa and Grandma Tractor had to go to a funeral fairly close to our house.  After it was over they joined us for dinner.  And then they offered to take our kids home with them for the night.  Caroline ran upstairs, squealing all the way to grab her jammies, tooth brush and a change of clothes.  Nora was not far behind her.  Ezra (who was preoccupied playing wii) decided he'd be responsible and stay home to participate in his basketball game the next morning. 
 Neither girl showed any hesitation about leaving without us.  We didn't expect Caroline to.  Nora we weren't sure about.  She hadn't had any slumber parties without us before.
 But she was not worried.  And other than a lost pacifier and crying to follow at 4 AM, they report that all went well.
 The basketball player enjoyed being an only child again.  "It's very interesting without the girls here" he kept saying.

 He was matched up with a big tall boy from the other team(that's not him, that's a boy from our team).  It is not often that he encounters someone taller than him.  And he doesn't often get schooled either.  But this kid had game.  It was fun to watch.  You can see Tadd in the picture below telling Ezra to "keep your hands up on D".  I think he had fun being challenged and hopefully learned from it.
 After the game our little family of three enjoyed a trip to Bellevue Square shopping center.  Auntie Anne's Pretzels was giving away free pretzels--cinnamon or plain.  Auntie Anne's was a favorite of mine as a teen/20-something.  The funny thing is that I had suggested eating there for lunch and when we arrive--ta, da, free pretzels. 
Then it was time to drive to Grandma Kilcup's house for a gathering of the extended family.  They always invite us for the entertainment value.  Grandma has 19 grandchildren (I am number 4 in the line up).  All but one have graduated high school.  All but 2 are over 21.  8 are married and 2 are engaged.  She has 11 great grandchildren and another one due any day.  Our kids are the only greats who live driving distance from her at this time. 
 It's always fun for the Uncles and boys to try on old clothes of Grandpa's--he was not a small man.
 We love these get togethers because the kids are entertained by someone other than us.
 Aunt Cindi and "Aunt" Denise did a lot of reading and hide-and-seeking.

 And Great Grandma served her famous raspberry pie, apple pie and ice cream cones for the kids--complete with chocolate cones and sprinkles.

 Thanks for a fun evening, Grandma. 
The girls were very upset to have to come home with us instead of Grandpa and Grandma.  They are counting down the days until their next slumber party!

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