Thursday, March 22, 2012


 Sometimes when there are a lot of chores to be done and you can't choose which one to do's easier just to sit down and blog!  On days when it's not raining, the girls and I walk to school to pick Ezra up.  The kids always want to stay at the playground and play for a while.  I have to admit that I don't always want to stay.  I know we still have to walk home, I still have to make dinner, sometimes we have baseball practice, etc.  But really, why not stay a while and let them get fresh air and exercise?  So, unless it's really too cold for me to handle, or we have something seriously urgent to get home to--we stay.  Caroline has been working on monkey bars and rings.

 Ezra has the playground all figured out from the hours of recess time he's had this year.

 Sometimes I wish I could imprison my little monkey.
 And sometimes I'm scared of heights at the playground.
 Sometimes Nora is too.  She loves to hang--but I let go a little longer than normal in order to snap this photo and she was starting to panic.  It was good to see a little fear in her face for once!
 The walk home is something that I used to want to rush as well.  But then I realized how much fun it is to just let all the kids walk at their own pace.  Home is not going anywhere, my chores are not going anywhere.   But they won't want to hold hands and skip home together forever. 
 So I'm learning to walk at the pace of a 2 year old (which has gotten quite a bit faster over the weeks) and forget time exists--because I won't be able to do that much longer.

It really is a treat for me. 


Lisa J said...

Stop with all these sweet stories and thoughts! You're going to make me cry! (Although it doesn't take much nowadays.) :)

Anonymous said...

(1) You're such a nice mom, (2) what a blessing to live within walking distance of school, and (3) there's a cactus on your street corner!

Cobblestone said...

So, so sweet! I love your pictures, the holding hands, little Nora determined to keep up with big brother and sister, and the sitting on the curb waiting for Mom so they can cross the street!

The Chatty Housewife said...

I love this post! The photo of N hanging off the monkey bars is priceless. The walking hand-in-hand photos are so precious!

NaomiG said...

:-) We had one of those days today. Love it when I can manage to forget my piles of work and just enjoy those precious moments.

Gramanita said...

Hope, I can really leave a comment this time, cause this blog was SO great. I think Nora is looking more like Caroline. Caroline seems to have mastered the rings! Fun to be in your neighborhood again.

robyn said...

A lovely post.

Anonymous said...

wow this is sooo pics of kids sitting on a street curb...its just soo relaxing somehow you know?! ahhh! Wow Caroline, one hand hanging huh!! yikes :D love her leggings and uggs look :)) and yeah a cactus, in wa?!!!!???!!! ;) ~Cath