Monday, April 11, 2011

What???? A New Post????

I didn't dive off the edge of the earth, I just sort of imploded into the sea of activities we are currently swimming in.
I decided to take the very few photos off my camera (few in ratio to the fun things that have happened, that is) and put them on the computer today. Now I will try my best to post once or twice.
I might start and then forget to finish though. You see, since I last posted, I've tiptoed into a new decade. Yep, I entered my 30's. I don't really feel old. Having a husband 6.5 years older than me will always prevent that. I feel more like turning 3o is a "been there done that" experience for most people in my life. The comment I heard most was "You are ONLY turning 30???" Good thing I'm not feeling sensitive : ) My greatest goal of my birthday was to get a picture of me with my three kiddos...didn't happen. Not one single picture was taken. On the actual day I drove Caroline out to ballet and then we had a mid-morning donut treat at Krispy Kreme. Yum.
And the day after my birthday Uncle Nathan, Aunt Megan and their herd of three arrived for a week's sojourn. Whoo hoo! Those pictures will have to be saved for another day. Nathan and Megan arrived mid-afternoon and that evening Tadd had invited a couple more friends and my parents to come over dinner and birthday cake. No pictures of that event were taken either. So I guess I'm still 29. I did get royally spoiled, though. I'll have to post pictures of some of the awesome gifts in another post.

St. Paddy's day race in Snoqualmie that Ezra ran in with some of his friends.
Nora still sporting her black eye from her high chair swan dive. Since then I've been back to the ER with her after she cut her finger on a piece of glass at bed time. We hope to stay away from the ER for a few weeks now.
Ezra lost a second tooth.
And Nora loves anything to do with throwing or kicking a ball.
We've had an abundance of rain around these parts. But a few weeks ago we had a week of days that refused to obey the forecasters and beamed down glorious sunshine instead of showers.
Lettuce and spinach planted in February--almost ready to be harvested now.
His first time in his full uniform "I'm a REAL baseball player now!!!!"
Running the bases at the league fund raising "base-a-thon" with his teammates. He's number 4.
Now, I'm off for one last t-ball practice before the first game on Wednesday! This is the last week of having t-ball, ballet and soccer...after Friday soccer is over and I'll have one more activity-free day.


Anonymous said...

sooo cute, love E in his baseball uniform! And btw, "you're only turning 30" is a compliment ;p haha- because you have 3 kids, look great, and personally I just thought you were closer to Tadd's age for some reason and that you were only 2 years younger than me :D LOL at the pic of C, WHO taught her that hand signal haha! what a COOL kid ;) ~Cath

Adkins Family said...

It appears that you have some good excuses for not posting. Once you turn 30 the memory starts going... or it could be the fact that you are a mother of three busy children. Even if they aren't involved in extra curricular activities they somehow find ways to keep you very busy. ;)

NaomiG said...

Time flies when you're having fun. :-) Blogging breaks happen, it's no big deal.

Gotta love how birthdays are just another day right? Errands still need to be run, people still need to be fed, just the way it is. The event itself always feel a little anticlimatic to me anymore. I think that's why the presents feel so extra special.

All the pics are so great! What a cute baseball player. And Nora's black eye is so sad!

Kirsten said...

Welcome to the ranks of the cool decade of birthdays;). Ha. 36 is staring me down next month and I'm trying not to count the gray hairs anymore...first time in my life I've thought blonde hair might be nice;). Love seeing the pics--miss you!!