Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

The day before Easter I was able to help put on a shower for a special Mama-to-be who is residing in our area for a few months. Now she's just waiting for her little Miss to make an appearance. We had a good old time enjoying a brunch, playing lots of creative games and chatting. Aren't those little favors darling (I was not the creative genius who spent her time and energy making them).

The little girls had a blast playing dollies, eating yummies and soaking up the sunshine.

After remembering the Lord in His death and celebrating His Risen state Sunday morning, we drove south to Great-Grandma Kilcup's house for Easter dinner with my Dad's extended family. The kids had a blast (as usual) sitting at the "kids' table". Most of the kids are in their late teens and 20's...and then there's Ezra and Caroline keeping 'em young.

Aunt Cindi sweetly brought some plastic eggs with yummy chocolate and jingling change to hide out in Grandma's front yard for the kiddos. They had a blast finding all the eggs.

Nora opened her first egg, found chocolate and started stuffing. Following you'll see a lot of pictures...I just couldn't pick a couple, they tell the story so well all together : )

Couldn't miss an opportunity with all three kids in dress clothes! Unfortunately, just as I went to snap the first photo--Nora opened her mouth and a river of chocolate poured out.

The kids' favorite toy at my Grandma's house is her treadmill. They make it run by their own leg power. Nora kept trying to do a headstand on it for some reason. Then she climbed under to get Grandma's hot pink hand weights.
And promptly crashed. Sugar's a great thing--makes 'em all hyper for a while, then crashes 'em down into a hard sleep : )


Adkins Family said...

Funny, I just confirmed with J's mom last night that she was indeed expecting, little did I know that it's any day! I'm so out of it!

Looks like fun at Grandma's too, love Nora's chocolate sequence. ;)

Anonymous said...

precious sequence of nora :) soo positively squeezable!!!! ~Cath