Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scenes From Six

We were faced with a week of mostly gray skies and rain...and six little bodies filled with the energy of the ages.
Our first week-day Megan and I decided to brave the rain and the crowds and head to the Pacific Science Center. We didn't realize just how crowded and rainy it would be. We had quite the adventure just in finding parking. When we finally unstrapped six kids from car seats and re-strapped a couple into various back packs and strollers, oh yeah, and loaded up the lunch and snacks and diapers and wipes and wallets and cameras (am I forgetting anything?) we strode confidently off to pay for our parking spot. And found, to our great dismay, that the lot was reserved for the week and only used for public parking on weekends. Crud. Aunt Megan kept her cool (and all six kids) while I dashed off to find a legal parking lot.
Then we waited in line for a good half hour or so. It was the perfect time to feed all the kids their lunch under the cover of a huge golf-umbrella my folks just loaned us.
Once in the crowded buildings we managed to stay dry--and quite warm.The "tot play ground" was heart attack central for any mother trying to keep track of more than one child.

About the time we exited the IMAX theater and started climbing in the giant instruments our parking was getting ready to expire. And so were Megan and I. So, we huffed and puffed and pushed and hauled all six down the many streets and back to the van where we pushed and heaved and got all six damp little boogers stuffed back into the van for the drive home.
She might be a Cali-gal, but she sure can rock the huge umbrella!
Tuesday we stayed much closer to home and took the kids to a local bounce house. Even there we encountered a lengthy wait to pay and get in. A rainy spring break left everyone scrambling for indoor activities and energy-outlets.

You should have heard this little one chortle and squeal each time she went down one of the giant inflatable slides (and it was many times, believe you me!)

Hey there, cheesy ladies...
Whatcha mixin' up?
Ahhh, Dino-cupcakes just in time for a tea party!

Hostess Jilly was kept busy refilling tea cups. And these pictures are deceiving--there were little boys at this particular tea party--they just weren't photographed.

Mia was a good little mama to Nora. They had fun jumping in the crib together.
And that is probably more than you wanted to know about what we did for indoor activities last week! Ezra and Lucas used any and every break in the rain to go out in the back yard and shoot hoops or go out front and ride bikes. Boy was it fun to watch those two-peas-in-a-pod play together!


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

FUN POST!!! Loved it all! Thanks so much. I can imagine it was a lively week.....but a great one for the kids.

Adkins Family said...

Good for you guys for braving all that with six kiddos! All for the love of cousins that live far away from each other. ♥

NaomiG said...

Oh, fun!!!! Sounds like a great week, despite yucky weather. Wow to braving the science center with that many kids... glad it was fun!

Anonymous said...

my goodness, is the pic of her in the red coat under the umbrella sooo totally darling! ~Cath

Anonymous said...

Legal parking? parking meters expiring...why-ever would you worry about such things??