Monday, April 25, 2011

No Girls Allowed

The girls were not actually told that we weren't "allowed" : ) These are just some activities that only the boys participated in. All of the following photos were taken with Tadd's blackberry.

Last weekend the Supercross tour made its stop in Seattle at Qwest Field. Tadd and Ezra got their tickets and spent half the day watching. They got pit passes and wandered around checking out the bikes. They caught a few qualifying and practice rounds. Then they stayed to watch the "Main Event" (the final races).

The girls and I had a nice quiet time without our men. The girls napped while I read. Then we went and looked at some ducks on a pond...doesn't that sound peaceful? We went on a little dinner date. And boy were my little ladies well behaved! I didn't even feel frazzled while eating out alone with them. It really was fun. After we got home we had a little toe nail painting fest and went to bed. Hey boys, thanks for going out and leaving us to our own devices!
When The Millers were here visiting the Dads took the two boys out to North Bend to hike up Rattlesnake Ridge. It was rainy and cold on the way up.

And it was snowy and cold at the top! And Lucas was only in his "everyday coat and shoes" as he explained it to me.
But I hear that these two little guys were real troopers and stayed upbeat and energetic the whole time. What fun they must have had! It would have been fun to be out getting some exercise, but I must say that when I think of carrying Nora in a back pack and dragging Caroline along by the hand...I'm not too sad that I missed out this time.

What fun to be a boy!


Adkins Family said...

Isn't it fun to have some boy time/girl time sometimes?

Those little big fella's are real troopers, it looks like a challenge when it's dry and sunny. Way to go Ezra and Lucas (and their dads for that matter)!

NaomiG said...

Looks like fun! It's always fun to be together, but Girl time/Guy time is something special, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I have memories of going to the Supercross in the Kingdome. Came home smelling like exhaust...