Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kopachuck State Park

There have not been many hot days this summer around here. But when they come we sure do enjoy them! Living here with mom and dad there are lots of opportunities to be around water. I've posted about eating dinner at the beach by the Narrows Bridge before. This particular evening (and a few others) we ventured down to Kopachuck State Park. The sunset is visible at this beach. Plus, you hike down a fairly steep trail to get to the water, which means you get a workout on the way back to the car.
The water is freezing but that never stops the kids. Unfortunately, the current always pulls them quickly and so either Grandpa or Daddy have to get wet in order to bring them back to safety.
A watchful Grandpa.
Nora loved to dip her toes in the water.

If you look closely you'll see smoke rising above one of the mountains in the Olympics. There was a forest fire that had been very small and suddenly exploded to cover hundreds of acres that day. They let it burn as it was a natural cause and not threatening any humans. As beautiful as the Cascades are with the majestic Rainier around here...the Olympics at sunset have long been my favorite. If you can manage to cross the Narrows Bridge right as the sun is dropping--ooh, la, la!
Nora Liv turned 6 months the day after these shots were taken. She is changing in so many ways. She can do tricks--she sits alone and rolls over. She tries to move. She is experimenting with baby food, but doesn't love any of it yet. And the main thing is that she's happy. She still has fussy periods and loves to be held and cuddled. But I can put her down with toys on the floor and she'll play and be happy for fairly long periods of time. Her nights are full of interruptions, but she takes naps now. So many things to be thankful for. And she has two bottom teeth with two more just about to join them. Her thighs carry the majority of her weight still.

Ezra's my same old boy : )
The long legs I always wanted : )
Nora loved the feel of the rocks in her hands. As long as her pa-pa was in her mouth we were pretty sure that there weren't any rocks in there.
Her "hair" was glowing. Her hair does appear to be going blonde as it comes in.
So many opportunities for scenery shots. This happens to be the very beach where Tadd proposed to me. In August. At sunset. Down on one knee. After asking my father's permission. Yep, he did it all right. What else could I say but "yes"???
The lighting was just so beautiful for taking photos.Mom took some family shots for us. We are a family of silhouettes.

Watching for the exact moment the sun made its exit. After that we hiked back up to the car and drove home to the hot house. Ah, summer!


Rose said...

Hey, great legs ;)!!! That water looks fun, but cold. The water down here has been unusually cold so I can imagine the temp there! I need to see that little babe before she starts running around and it gets hard to hug and squeeze her :)!!

Anonymous said...

love love love the pics esp. the sunset ones of your family!!!! amen to the Olympics at Sunset, we can see that from our place now!! :) it's def. my fav! ~Cathy

robyn said...

Love those sunset shots!

NaomiG said...

Love the silhouette shot of your family! :-) What a perfect PNW evening. The Olympics are gorgeous--I feel a need to see them for myself! :-)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Great Pictures! Love to see the kids. Thanks!

Circle of Fifths said...

Longing to have you here! Can't wait to squeeze Nora. Your proposal story is so romantic. I know someone who didn't know he was supposed to ask my Dad. :)