Monday, August 2, 2010

Chillin' in AF

The last post started with Ezra holding a kitty...this time it was Caroline's turn. This kitty belongs to Ella and Teddy. We started out our week in Idaho by spending the morning with the cousins. Ezra and Caroline dearly miss their beloved cousins and had been looking forward to seeing them again ever since we moved. Aunt Heather graciously allowed us to come over even though she was busy getting ready for company and baking cookies for the upcoming Bible conference the Aberdeen meeting hosted.

The two newest cousins had a fun time getting to know one another. I think that this set will be another case of double trouble in their time!

Heather has wheat next to her house again this year. Boy is it beautiful! I do miss all the planted fields.
Sunbathing beauties : )
And boisterous boys! Speaking of double trouble.
The boys enjoyed the slip 'n' slide in the hot sun.

Teddy and Caroline have traditionally fought like cats and dogs. However, on this trip they seemed to turn over a new leaf together. They were overheard to say things to one another like "We're friends now!" and "Now we'll be friends forever!"
Grandma was very busy keeping Levi from eating leaves, grass and sand. That boy is on the move!
Because I was still solo-parenting I did not get many pictures during the week. But we had lots of fun going to Monday night volleyball, visiting Lexie's house for a play date for the kids and a haircut for mommy from Lexie's mom, going to the park, visiting our old library and relaxing with Grandpa and Grandma. On Thursday evening, Tadd arrived and boy were we glad to see him.
Grandma had the touch : ) This next segment is a montage of different folks holding Nora.

Sweet Mitchell is always so good to our children.
Caroline and Aunt Trudy--special friends. Lucky for Aunt Trudy, I'm not posting the picture of BOTH of them picking their noses, hehe.
This girl will climb anything and jumps from everything.
Miss Kris is probably still catching up on sleep after all the work she put into the hospitality food at the Aberdeen Bible Conference. And I'm still holding onto all the extra pounds I collected from all the meals and snacks there.
Caroline Avy and her very special Auntie Avy. We miss you, Auntie Avy!
If there's anything cuter than little girls in pretty dresses, I don't know what it is. We miss you too, Abby and Trevor.
We sure do miss our Aberdeen friends!
We enjoyed the two and a half days of the Bible conference and the picnic the day after. After all of those festivities we had a day to relax at Grandpa and Grandma Idaho's house with Daddy. Daddy and Grandpa took the kids to the fish hatchery to check out the fish.

And while they were gone Grandma and Caroline stitched up some of Ha-ha Hor-hay's (Curious George) busted seams.

And Tadd changed the oil and got the car all ready for the family trip to Tamarack, Idaho...which will be documented later.


NaomiG said...

Looks like good times! The perfect summer, family, friends, food, and water. :-) I'm sure you're all too aware of this, but your kids appear to be growing like crazy! :-)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Again, I say, COME BACK!!! Such fun to visit your pictures for a quick fix. (Glad I wasn't picking my nose!!!)

Anonymous said...

fun pics!! sooo funny about Teddy and C!!!! btw, i gave her a bunch of stickers to play with in meetings, if you wonder where the random bunch randomly came from, we put them in her(?) bag. ~cathy

Adkins Family said...

Okay, so Heather has an awesome garden! Someday, someday. Fun to see all the pictures of your time down there and of conference. Glad that Nora and Levi are starting out on the same foot as all the rest of the cousins. :)

Adkins Family said...

I was just looking through your pictures again and I TOTALLY understand the look that Grandma Idaho has with Levi, I feel like I do that same thing all the time with Wyatt!