Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food, Fun, FORTY!

This is the kitchen we had to cook in at Tamarack--looks like a difficult task, eh? Such tight quarters and low-end quality : )

We ate good while on vacation. Makes me hungry just looking at these pictures again.
The above is the "Monterey chicken" I'll talk about later on in the post.

The whole reason we planned this lovely vacation was because a certain guy in our family turned forty this year. Yep--Uncle Alan kissed his thirties good bye. Aunt Heather is a great party planner. For his celebration night she had all sorts of black decor--fans with baby pictures of Alan on them, black licorice and candies, black table decor. And Uncle Alan's favorite meal--"Monterey chicken" a recipe borrowed from a certain eastern Washington man whose daughter just got married last weekend. It was delish!

Heather made a poster with 40 pictures of Alan--one from every year of his life. And each family brought him 10 gifts so that he had 40 gifts to open.
Kids love to party! comment.

We have a picture of Ezra and Teddy in only diapers when they were babies, so we thought we'd better continue the tradition.
On our last night of vacation we loaded up the vans and headed into McCall for dinner. Then we went to the shores of Lake Payette to play on the toys, wade in the water and eat ice cream that Grandpa and Grandma brought from the store.

There are now 9 grandkids. The 8th is crawling out of the photo and the 9th was in my front pack. We'll have to get an actual photo at some other get together. These kids were too busy making memories to pose quietly for them. That IS actual age order, though.

The ice cream was good!

And that, folks, was our vacation. I promise I'm done with Tamarack posts now!


NaomiG said...

Oh, yum. Monterey chicken. Deeelish! :-) I LOVE the age order shot of (most of the) grandkids. That is too cute. Sounds like an awesome time. And yeah, that kitchen is pretty lame. I don't know how anyone could be expected to work under such horrible conditions. :-)

Anonymous said...

FUN pics, great house, awesome looking vacation!!!! ~Cathy :)

Adkins Family said...

So there is hope for Wyatt to thin out in a few years, Alan looks like quite the squishy baby on those fans. :) Glad you were able to all get together to celebrate, looks like fun!