Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer Is:

~Camping out in the backyard.

~Going for boat rides on the Puget Sound.

~Learning to hate a life jacket : )
~An afternoon nap on the water. Too bad I forgot the camera the day each kid took his/her first solo inner tube ride behind the boat.
~Going to the zoo with friends.

(newborn baby tigers. They weighed the same as Nora the day we happened to be there).
~Watching cheesy animal shows that made Ezra bust a gut.
~Learning to love a dog.
~Getting babysat by a dog (mommy's been reading too many Carl books to the kids!).
~Swimming in the backyard plastic pool.
~Celebrating a 23rd birthday.
~Waving good bye to an Uncle who drove away for his first year of college.
~Celebrating a Special Grandma's birthday.

~Going to Northwest Trek to see local wildlife.

~And, sadly, summer is also about ills and spills. This spill involved splitting her chin on a deck chair. 2 stitches. Grandma is removing them in this picture.
And that is what summer is! What it isn't is over yet. A week and a half yet before my favorite season of all begins!


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Your kids are growing up and fast! Summer there looks fun!! It's time to come back here!!!

nicole said...

looks like a pretty fun summer...minus stitches of course!

Adkins Family said...

Your parents backyard looks like a campground with all the trees around. I love how Nora's tuft of hair in the back is blowing in the wind on the boat. ;)

NaomiG said...

Looks like a lovely summer, minus the stitches. :-) Summer always goes by so fast, I'm so surprised by that every year.