Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where to Begin???

The logical place is, of course, at the beginning. It's just that the beginning is so long ago and I'm having trouble keeping up with the here and now. So this is going to come at you in small bursts. First off, our big adventure began July 8th as the kids and I loaded up the van and headed to Idaho. Since we were daddy-less for the drive, we decided to take it real slow and easy. The first day we left at lunch time and only planned to go as far as the Tri-Cities area. A wonderful family we happen to be friends with agreed to take us in for the night. The kids had a blast playing at their country home complete with lots of animals and lots of kids.

Ezra found himself a kitty whose hair matched his own.
These kids are used to animals and taking care of them. It's fun to watch.
The sun looks nice and friendly in these pictures, but don't be deceived. It was over 100 degrees and HOT.
Ezra was allowed to head out and help feed the animals the next morning.

"Goatee" is the baby goat the boys of the farm were bringing up from babyhood.
He was still drinking bottles of milk and Ezra got to help give him his morning bottle. After a delicious egg and cinnamon roll breakfast, we loaded back up and hit the trail again. That day's goal was to get as far as Boise where we had a motel booked.
We made it safely to Boise and lost an hour in the process. Our motel had a pool and we took a dip--no pictures though because my hands were quite full enough.
The next morning the kids lounged in motel beds and feasted on donuts and bananas while I loaded up yet again.

From Boise to American Falls was a mere 3 hour drive...and we finally reached our end destination--Grandpa and Grandma Idaho's! Boy were we excited to get there. More on our week in our old stomping grounds at a later date.


kdk said...

You have some guts doing that w/o the man!

NaomiG said...

You are a brave soul with all the loading and unloading and prolonging the agony... I would have drugged the kids, caffienated myself, climbed in the car, turned the music loud enough to cover any sounds of argument or screaming and blasted myself there as quickly as possible. And, I probably would have regretted it about Boise-ish, and been in an all out exhausted rage by the time I got there. :-) Can't wait to hear about how you guys are doing house wise and whatnot! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE love love the pic of Ezra with the kitty and the ones of norah, she is getting sooo big and beautiful!!! Cathy

Rose said...

Fun pictures! Now I can tell the kids that I got to see a pic of their new horse! I'm glad you made the long trek safe and sound!

Adkins Family said...

I'm just sad you didn't swing by Spokane and make a third stop since I was there! But, that is completely understandable since you did the trip solo. :) Cute pictures of the kids, Nora is super cute!