Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ready? Or Not?

I haven't decided. Mostly I'm not sure how I'll adjust to this "zone defense" vs. the "one-on-one" that we have not yet perfected, but at least are used to.
As far as the "really need to have ready to go" stuff--I think it's done. The car seat is freshly cleaned, put together and in the back of the car along with the diaper bag and my suitcase for the hospital. We'll just have to throw the camera in last minute. I have both boy and girl blanket and boy and girl outfits in there.

The Moses Basket is all spiffed up and waiting beside my bed. Unisex clothes are brought up from the basement and cleansed of any mouse footprints, smelling deliciously like Dreft.

Little bits of love are showing up around the house.

These Valentine Aliens have landed in various spots. I posted a tutorial on this ridiculously easy craft last year.

We are reading books about Valentine's day and the love of God and posting them on our Valentine tree, which barely shows up since I used pastel crayons to draw it.

And we made all our valentines early...so they'll be ready to give out and mail by next Monday.

Ezra just needs to finish signing his name on them.

By the way, greeting cards of any kind are great name writing practice! It's an easy way to change up the normal practice and get some art into the day as well.

He is quite proud that he can write his name all by himself, but frankly, he'd rather spend his days out in the yard.
The apron I was hoping to finish got stalled. I can't figure out what to do next and decided to simply wait for my mommy to come help me. There are plenty of other projects I can be working on--such as the heart cookies the kids are excited to bake sometime this week. If you want cute Valentine cookies, I recommend bhg.com. I always look forward to my February issue of Better Homes and Gardens because of their Valentine cookies. This year we'll attempt the vanilla dessert sandwich cookies with vanilla cream cheese and fudge filling. In years past we have made the lemon puff cookies and also chocolate cupcakes with sour cream frosting. Usually we like to take these treats to the teacher's lounge at my old school. This year that's too long of a drive...so we'll have to find someone to deliver the goodies to. If you live close enough and need a little love in the form of sugar--convince me with a comment : )


Megan Miller said...

mmm...I wonder what variety of pumpkin head will be in that Moses basket? I want to smell a new born head. Can't wait for the news! Good writting Ezra! Poor Caroline when the time comes. ;) My girls have it pretty easy.

NaomiG said...

Well, it sounds like you're just sitting around being a lazy bum while you wait!! Haha! You inspire me with your loads of energy and projects, and I'm really glad you did this post, because you reminded me that we need to get Valentines day cards out! We're still working on Christmas Thank yous!!! Argh! :-) Can't wait to hear your good news!

Anonymous said...

I already miss your Valentine treats! They were the only "safe" thing in the teacher's lounge!! :) Looks like you are ready for your new arrival. Can't wait. :)

Adkins Family said...

Just don't forget to install the car seat before you put that precious bundle in it. ;) It sounds like you're keeping your mind off the uncomfortable-ness at the end with lots of fun stuff!

Rose said...

Hmm...I wonder if you will have a Valentine's baby?!! I think that would be darling! Your probably thinking "that's a whole nother week for this baby to get that much bigger" :) !!

Jackie said...

Hi Brooke,

This is a little lame but I tried sending something to Heather and Allan and it got returned! Can you send me their address? I'm sure you have a million other things to do... Send me yours too if you want our annual letter in the mail! THANKS. jackie.sargent@gmail.com.

Lily of the Valley said...

Those valentine crafts are inspiring! Makes me want to scrap the responsibilities and have some fun! I echo others' comments...your energy and zest are amazing! Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby!

Anonymous said...

I still think you should have it on my b'day, feb. 13!!! ;) Oh boy u are one amazing woman!! you go girl!! Love to all there, Cathy :)

robyn said...

so exciting!!!