Monday, February 8, 2010

No Baby & A Disclaimer

We start a new week and I have no news for you : )
But I do have a response to all the comments about me having lots of energy. Please, please, please don't think that I'm running circles around the house getting all sorts of creative things done, because I'm not. The cookies we were going to do are still not finished, by the way. And I DO take a nap each and every afternoon just as soon as I can get my kids to lay down for theirs. I just happen to have short little bursts of energy each morning, that's all. As for all the crafts and projects, well, that's what pre-school is all about and I happen to have files-full of ideas from my teaching days. Teachers are great about sharing their ideas and so whether or not I was able to do all the projects with my class, I could file them all away and save them for another time--like now--when I have a couple of busy toddler/preschoolers running around!
We'll keep you posted if a new little boy/girl shows up around our house!

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