Thursday, February 25, 2010

The First Weeks

We're back...we've been a little busy around here these days. First of all, thank you to everyone for your kind comments and congratulations.
These first days of Nora's life have been so fun. I just love this time of life, aside from the sleep deprivation, of course. I could spend all day snuggling her soft little face into my neck and smelling her sweet baby smells. Ahhhh!
Her big brother and sister can't get enough of her either. They do a lot of holding her and talking to her. Ezra has requested that I bring her bouncer seat into his room so that she could watch him play. All three kids played in his room together for a good half hour, in fact. Ezra also enjoys showing Nora picture books while mommy gets dressed.

And...Grandma came to help us out. She's been here for a little over a week and we're not sure how we'd be making it without her. She's doing lots of cleaning and holding and breaking up fights, etc. I'm not really sure how we'll do it next week after she's gone. I'm not thinking about it until I have to. Last night Grandpa showed up to enjoy the last 4 days with Grandma here.

Hey Jill and Mia! We need you here to join the girls club!

Ezra still likes to play outside as much as possible and this was the sight out the window yesterday.

Let me zoom in on Miss Kine's attire for you. Yep, that's right, she's wearing sunglasses and mowing the lawn in the snow.

Excited big sister. "Mommy, we match!"

This beautiful fruit basket was delivered to the front door today--thanks Miss Kim!

And last, but not least...the attitude that has come with big-sisterhood.
*A side note: don't try to put your wedding ring back on too soon after pregnancy. Yep, had mine cut off this afternoon by Fred Meyer jewelers.


~Holly~ said...

Aww, such a cutie, and such dark hair! Don't worry, if Caroline is anything like Avah, the jealousy doesn't last long and is replaced with more love!

Adkins Family said...

Such sweet pictures, thanks for the update. What a good time of year to be inside snuggling with your new punkin. And thank goodness for Mom's that come and help out at the beginning. Love Caroline's hair, btw.

NaomiG said...

Awww, such great pics! They will be best pals before you know it. :-) So glad you have your momma there to help you out. :-) And, HOLY COW! So sorry you had to have your ring cut off! That stinks!

Kirsten said...

I see you're still on the I-just-has-a-baby high;). So fun!! I particularly love the "matching" pic--so exactly what brings joy to a little girl:).

So what happens with the ring now? Do they super-glue it? ;)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I love the pic of Ezra with the girls...! That grin! I love all the pictures. A darling family!

Lily of the Valley said...

You have such sweet children, all of them! I love that first week or two with a's such a special time! I'm very happy for you! But not about having your ring cut off! That's pretty bad. Brrr, it still looks so cold there!

Amy said...

Nora is going to be so well looked after by her siblings :-) So great they already include her in their playtime!

I LOVE Carolines curls! She has beautiful hair! I laughed at the picture of her mowing the lawn with her binky and glasses-something my own three year old would do.

Oooh! You are definately still having winter! When will the bulbs start popping up? I am so thankful it seems to be coming early in our area.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of the kids with Nora, they are too precious for words, Ezra and Caroline look like great big brother and big sister!!! the one of Caroline with her is reallly sweet, the way she is holding her just so :) Oh nooo about your ring!! What do they do then?? Meld it back together?! You can see how much I know about rings ;) I love Ezra with the fruit roll-up lol! Hugs to all! ~Cath

Anonymous said...

p.s. the pics of miss kine mowing in shades in the snow...toooo funnny....hmmm maybe she's mixed up between cali, aberdeen, and seattle(because due to our warm winter here we are already mowing and have cherry trees blooming, goooo figure) ;) ~Cath

Erlandson Family said...

i love "new" baby pix.. so thanks for an update during this crazy, dream like state of newbornhood... your kids are adorable... ha ha ha to the sunglasses and lawn mower... that's funny.. :) enjoy the snuggles, cuddles, grunts, and soft, sweet baby skin... mmm.. can't wait..
p.s. sorry about your ring!! wowee.. never would have thought of that..

Anonymous said...

Congrats again! I love the update! (And I LOVE Caroline's new attitude - that's precious!). We'll be in the same boat as you soon but by then you'll be a pro! Love, Janelle and Crew!

Anna-b-bonkers said...

Adorable! Ahh, the adjustment to three. It gets easier really quick though, you will do great!
And the ring thing. I know. I had mine stuck for almost a year and couldn't get it off and when I did I skinned my finger just because I didn't want to get it cut. Not worth it! I no longer wear them (if feels like I am always pregers or something) and I get goofy and judgmental looks. Oh, well. Some day!!