Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun in the Snow

First a trip out on the sledding and four-wheelers in the snow. What will Idaho introduce us to next?
Last Saturday Uncle Alan called to see if we wanted to go out and have an adventure with their 4-wheelers. Of course, we said yes! We all loaded up and headed out into the afternoon snow. Don't worry, I didn't go on a sled or a 4-wheeler. And I didn't walk around or explore much either. As soon as the 4-wheelers and driven around a bit, all the ice under the snow was exposed and it was quite slippery. I mostly watched the fun and took pictures and videos.

Here comes Tadd down the hill with both kids.

Caroline is quite cold, but happy. The tears streaming down her face are from the freezing wind.

Ezra's tears are for his sled which got left behind on the trail : ) Don't worry, they went back to rescue it.

That is quite a group of kiddos!

These boys were very much like bear cubs, wrestling around and rolling in the snow all day.

Aunt Heather kindly took Caroline for a ride up the hill and back down on their sled.

What more can I say than, Boys...

will always be boys!

I might be a biased Auntie, but I sure think he is cute!

Of course, our delicate little flower who gets cold quite easily gave up well before the rest of the group. She sat in the van crying and moaning about her cold feet. Finally we listened to her cries, packed up the cars and headed home. Thanks Uncle Alan and Aunt Heather for a fun suggestion!

And this is how bed time goes down at our house. Daddy either making up or reading stories to the kids. Makes for one thankful Mama!

No Baby news so far. I'm still not uncomfortable enough to be wishing for a birth this early. Maybe by next week, I don't know. It's just so easy to take care of the Baby the way it is right now! And I'm still getting ready. I did make an attempt at packing up some bags for the hospital last night. And Tadd and I took a quick tour of the birthing facility since this hospital is new to us. We now at least know what floor to go to : ) I'm sure my blogging will stay lazy for the next while...but I'll be sure to keep you posted if the blessed event occurs!


Adkins Family said...

That looks like so much fun! And all those rosy cheeked kiddos are quite cute! I remember the long last few weeks of waiting for the baby to finish developing, hang in there! ;)

NaomiG said...

What a perfect day! Looks like so much fun, and you got great pictures! When Daddy takes over bedtime, it is a wonderful thing... Can't wait to hear good baby news!

Anonymous said...

GREAT pics!! I want some snow here!!! :) ~Cathy

Megan Miller said...

Bias or not, I think they are all adorable. Missing you all so much! What shall I ever do when new baby comes!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Oh how fun! I miss the farm on days like that. My dad would pull a tractor tire tube behind the snowmobile and we would all pile on!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

You all looked like you were having fun in the snow....!! I can't imagine having fun in the snow anymore...I am tired of it! BUT, had I been with the kids, I am betting I would have totally enjoyed it. I would, however, have joined Caroline, with the moaning and groaning!!! Loved the pictures.

nicole said...

i want to play in the snow in idaho!
happy baby times forthcoming.