Monday, January 4, 2010


We left, we enjoyed conference, we got the stomach flu, we came home. That's the short version. Anyone want more detail? I actually don't have a lot because I didn't take many pictures at all. First, we enjoyed our family Christmas here the night before we left and we made the decision to keep the camera in the cupboard. I got a sewing machine!!!!! Whoo hoo!
Then we forgot to use the camera a single time while at the Bible conference...and the beach party the day over. And then the stomach flu was not a pretty subject for pictures.
But I'll show you what I got. This first post will be Pre & During (the stomach flu, that is) Photos. Tomorrow I'll toss up some Post photos.

Here the kids are opening Christmas gifts from Uncle Brett and Grandpa and Grandma Tractor in their motel room. Uncle Brett's goal was to buy gifts with as many pieces as he could. I think Caroline got a 75 piece food set for her kitchen set. And I'm not sure how many pieces are in Ezra's construction set--but it's a lot. Ezra slept in Grandpa and Grandma's room all 4 nights of conference and spent as much time as possible playing with his new gifts there as well. Made for an easy time for Tadd and I!

A "bow-weena" outfit.

Back at Nathan and Megan's house, Lucas dug right in to a dinosaur bone kit he got from Ella, Teddy and Levi. This was a great gift. No, Ezra was not trying to hit Lucas (or anyone else) with the bat--there was a tee and ball involved. And yes, he dressed himself. Guess he was still in conference mode because he came out with dress khakis and a "matching" rugby.

That's a whole lot of love in my arms, my friend! Like the super cute and cozy robe I'm sporting? A gift from mom and dad that I'm thoroughly enjoying.

The cardboard piece was their boat and they were going on a long journey. Everyone was having fun until I got the camera out--I'm not sure what nasty thing was said to make poor Jilly get weepy.

And the below photos were taken by Tadd before his gut was affected. Megan and I mercifully never got sick. Here we sat New Year's Eve taking care of 5 sick kids--four going out one end and one going out the other. We went through a lot of towels, wet wipes, tissues, buckets, blankets and clothing. Praise the Lord one child was still safely inside of me. Happy New Year's!


kdk said...

The stomach flu is so rotten - especially when you're not home in your own bed.

NaomiG said...

Oh man! I cannot believe you and Megan didn't get sick! What a mercy! Yay--you got a sewing machine! :-) What kind? What sort of projects are you headed into? Can't wait to see what you come up with! Looks like fun, other than the sick.

Adkins Family said...

Was that room 457? heh heh. Bummer to hear about the flu, yuk. Your December trips to the Miller's don't seem to work out health wise for you. :(