Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The After

These are the faces of two little girls feeling much recovered. They were the first two to go down and the first two to be back to the land of the happy.

Little Miss Mia was so fun to be around. It was also a reminder of how much work we have ahead of us with this new little one on the way!

We were supposed to leave for home on Saturday. We had decided to make the trip in two days rather than get up before dawn and push it all the way. So, we were able to get up and relax that morning with most people feeling better. Aunt Megan took me to Trader Joe's to buy all my goodies that I've been missing. And then Tadd informed me the forecast was for 80 degrees and sunny--why were we leaving? We made the executive call to spend a couple of hours at the beach before we hit the road. And we did. And it was glorious.

So this picture of me is terrible, but I'll show it for two reasons. Megan and I managed to wear matching outfits that day : ) And also, you can see that giant 8 month baby belly.

I love the way the salty humid air intensifies her curls.

Family picture--a rare occurrence. I don't think there are any with all of us looking--but that's appropriate.

Mommies and their daughters.

We reluctantly peeled ourselves off of the sand and hopped into our loaded-to-the-max van and hit the road for home. And what a long road it felt like. We watched the temperature go from 83 at the beach all the way down to 26 when we got home the next night at 8 PM. We did enjoy a night in St. George and swimming in the motel pool the next morning. And I got one more In n Out fix on our way through Las Vegas. We felt like we missed out on seeing several friends because of the stomach bug, but really we can't complain too much--it could have been muuuuuch worse. I even got my visit in at Maisonette before everyone got sick. I was able to visit with Madeline, Natalie and Ava. And my mom and her BFF met us there to help me with fabric choices. Last night I conquered threading my machine and winding a bobbin--whoo hoo! Now I have to conquer those baby blankets. Maybe I'll post about the baby blankets next week. It depends on how badly I butcher the fabric : )


Penny said...

Woohoo - 8 months! Is it my imagination or has that gone fast?! You're lookin' good :)

Anonymous said...

LOL, okay so this one line just makes me laugh and laugh because as me and lots of other naturually curly haired girls when we are older say all the time..."I hate how humid salty air intensifies my curls." :) :) ~Cathy

NaomiG said...

Those two girls are going to be a couple of knockout best friends in the coming years, ya know that?! :-) Way too cute. Can't wait to see what you come up with sewing--so fun!

nicole said...

good call on a beach day and trader joes. Happy New year to you guys!

Amy said...

80 degrees and sunny!!!! Oooh, that sounds so nice! So sorry you all got sick, the stomach bug is miserable. The kids are absolutely adorable and look like such good playmates. You are on the homestretch now! Is the nesting kicking in now with the urge to sew? BTW, you do look GREAT!

Mary said...

Hardly huge!!! You're looking good for being eight months pregnant. Glad you could enjoy some warm weather. I'm really missing warm weather this winter. Every winter just seems longer and longer!

Adkins Family said...

Yahoo for the beach, Trader Joe's and everyone feeling better. And for getting home safely. ;)

To answer your house hunting question, we've got a few offers out there, but so far we're in the "backup" position (like pretty far down the line). Submitted another one today, so we'll keep you posted if there is any news... (and don't expect anything anytime soon, short sale processes are SLOW).

robyn said...

Looking good! Nice family of 4 pic, too :)