Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pictureless Update

Hi Everyone! I let Tadd pack up the transfer cord to my camera, so I can't show you any pictures. We got all moved out of our house last Thursday and Friday. Tadd's dad came to help us buy our new mini-van on Wednesday. A mini-van has become my dream car : ) So, we are no longer car-less. Thanks so much to Andy and Jennie for letting us borrow their car until we bought our own. Friends don't get much better than those two. Thanks also to Aunt Mary and Aunt Esther who spent all day Thursday helping me pack and entertain kids. These two generous women also provided us with Subway for lunch and stew, homemade bread and fruit salad for supper. Grandpa Idaho and Grandpa Tractor got our moving van all packed (and Tadd, of course) and we managed to fit it all in--phew! We had our doubts at several points during the day : )
So, as of 10:30 last Friday morning, our little house is no longer occupied by us. The new family should be all moved in and happy. Tadd drove the moving van and his dad took the pick up truck and they both made it safely to AF late Friday night/early Saturday morning. I think Tadd said the van would go all of 35mph up the passes. Grandpa Tractor, Uncle Alan and Tadd unloaded at our new rental with help from Grandma Tractor, Aunt Heather, Ella and Teddy all day Saturday. Tadd started his new job on Monday. Whew! How's that for an update?
As for the kids and I...we have been enjoying rest and relaxation here at my dad and mom's house. I'm having last minute get-togethers and play dates with friends who live here in the south-sound and the Harbor. Thursday morning, Lord willing, the kids and I will drive to our new home with muuuuch help from Grandpa and Grandma Tractor.
I'll do my best to post pictures of the moving experience and also of the new place as soon as I find my cord (and my equilibrium).
Oh yeah--the Kirkland meeting had a beautiful going-away for us after last Wednesday's prayer&reading meeting. The ladies made the most beautiful cakes and cupcakes, tarts and other goodies. And then they gave us gifts and words of love and hugs and even a memory book. None of these folks will ever be forgotten. And each and every one is invited to stay with us at our new home--please come visit us Kirkland meeting friends!!!!
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Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I don't need pictures...just the assurance that you ARE coming! I am so happy to have you joining us here in Idaho! I hope the weather gives you a first good taste of Idaho sunshine and both the sunrise and sunset. We do have beautiful ones. It was fun to get a good hug from Tadd, but he looked lonely..... Ella sat beside him Sunday evening (usually I get that privilege) and at one point she'd laid her head on his arm. How sweet that was! Teddy vied for his attention at one point...and you are wondering if I got anything out of the meeting??!!! Yeah, I did, but I did enjoy watching Tadd with the kids too! I will watch your kids next Sunday!!!

Anna-b-bonkers said...

Yay, to Tadd starting a new job so quickly!
And I am also glad that you have had the time to say your good byes and see everyone before you leave.
I hope and pray you have a fantastic trip out to your new home and settle easily!

I think I just might have to make a trip down there again some day, it has been over 10 years!! Maybe 12.

Adkins Family said...

Glad they made it down there safe and that you get an extra week to spend with loved ones up there. I'm sure all the folks in AF are super excited to have you there soon!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see your pics, esp. the one of Caroline holding my hand, aw :) Well we are surviving without you ;) Yeah, I wish you could be here for the YP weekend, I think it will be really neat this year, the yp were in the planning meeting Sunday, this time :) I sure missed seeing you guys tonight!!!! Have a safe trip tomorrow! Hope to see you in July when I get over that way! Hugs to the kids!! Love, Cath

kdk said...

Moving is hard, but there's something so sweet about those meeting good-bye parties. You learn just how much everybody loves you, and it's really touching.